Daily Prompt: Blogger with a Cause_Focus on Sped Children

September 4, 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

My response is: It would be realizing my dream of making one documentary film each on special children and persons with disability for awareness campaign purposes to make our citizens, especially in the rural areas to see these people’s potentials … for the audience to see what they CAN DO, not what they are not capable of doing … for the audience to know and understand their condition so that they can welcome them to the society. I have been working along this line since 2006, sparked by my grandniece with autism. Since then, I continue to advocate for inclusive society for these people through my films. And no matter how long I take to make one because of lack of resources, God provides somehow.

For a while, I have again set aside my work on the Cerebral Palsied to collaborate with my niece on a project focused on Down Syndrome. Since we are working along the same line of thinking, it isn’t difficult for me to align with her own target and objectives. Still in production stage, I have yet to interview a geneticist. Afterall, my working title which keeps on evolving is: “KIDS THREE 21.” It refers to the extra chromosome 21 that causes Down Syndrome.

Grabbed Frame_DS_Sto tomas elem

One of our subjects

DS Shoot 3

Interview with the mother of a child with Down Syndrome


John Mark Yulo. He wasn’t able to go to school but he is functional among all the persons with Down Syndrome that I have so far met. He can communicate and expresses his likes and dislikes clearly. He is, well, like all others with Down Syndrome very affectionate.




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  2. […] Daily Prompt: Blogger with a Cause_Focus on Sped Children | Advocacine’s Blog […]

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