Alyana in Batangas City

3-in-1!!! The Alyana event last February 7 was very significant becausebatangas-audience2

the venue of Alyana screenings

Batangas Provincial Auditorium: the venue of Alyana screenings

1) It was the first-ever major concerted efforts of three Autism Society Philippines (ASP) provincial chapters—Batangas City, Ibaan and Lipa City to show the film;

2) the first showing of Alyana in Batangas province;

3) the first anniversary offering of one of the event collaborators, “Helping Hands,” a therapeutic center for children and adults with special needs;

4) and my “first landing” in the territory of Gov. Vilma Santos.

The day was personally important to me as my other film (Silent Odyssey [a film on Deaf Filipinos, please click to view watch?v=fFUeGiYyH6I) premiered for the first time outside the Philippines in a documentary film festival on disability issues in New Delhi, India (See the previous posting –February 4). The thought that two of my films were showing on the same day in two different countries and that crossing of my ideas to make the issues understandable to some, if not all of its audience gave me inner sense of fulfillment and happy thoughts. Above all, it was my father’s birthday!


Alyana in Batangas–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDKY9bkD-9I

It was great to know that despite her busy schedule, developmental pediatrician Dr. Marizel Pulhin-Dacumos, Chair of the Alyana Screening Committe managed to squeeze in between her precious time the promotion of the film and gave her full efforts together with ASP Lipa City Chapter group led by its president Agri “Daddy Josh” Ferrer and ASP Chapter Ibaan led by its president Ms. Amoria M. Purino. All the team members were mostly composed of parents, sped teachers, OTs and PTs.

ASP National President Dang Koe (in green), Ranil Sorongon (also in green) with the Officers and Members of Alyana Organizing Committee

(L-R) Ranil Sorongon, a chapter member, Racel De Castro, MM, Dr. Marizel Dacumos, ASP Pres. Dang Koe, Mrs. Ferrer, "Daddy Josh" Ferrer; Right photo: Officers and Members of Alyana Screening Organizing Committee

The supportive presence of ASP National President Dang Koe with ASP Executive Secretary Ranil Sorongon made the event very memorable.


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