Portraits of Pitz, Askal-Jap Spitz Puppy and Oliver, the “Pusakal”

November 30, 2012

First CANON Shots_Pitz2a

First CANON Shots_Pitz3

First CANON Shots_Pitz

First CANON Shots_Pitz4

These are the very, first shots that I took after buying Canon D600 last month — the portraits of Pitz, our Japanese Spitz / askal puppy, and his serious “Uncle” Oliver, a “pusakal” [stray cat] we adopted long before we got Pitz from Cartimar. It was quite a challenge to follow focus on their faces. I am very happy with the outcome anyway…got their moods!

1st Canon 600D shot



  1. […] It was Oliver who took the brunt of being ill as I believed it. As you can see in the photos, he became so thin and wouldn’t play. We were sad of course. With love and care though, he recuperated back to his usual self and has since then remained with us. He leaves once in a while when he looks for a mate, comes home at times bruised, but he always returns, stays and enjoy sleeping on top of my son’s computer while he is online gaming. These days however, he became so mature and serious looking. [See Oliver’s latest photo, after Pitz] […]

  2. cute pets. Canon D600 – wow!

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