PWD Application Form

To have an official PWD ID, an application form has to be filed. See the sample below, a scanned copy of the original from the Pasay City DSWD Office.

Original copies may be obtained from the following

  • Office of the Mayor
  • Office of the Barangay Captain
  • NCDA or its regional counterpart
  • DSWD Offices
  • Participating organizations with memorandum of agreements with the Department of Health

As I needed more copies for PWDs here in our area at Barangay 77, I scanned the original copy, printed and submitted four application forms—for Alyana* [PWA], a teenage boy with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, a woman with mental disability and a girl with orthopedic disability. They were accepted anyway… So if you want to try it, download the above form, and just erase the data under the Items “Municipality” and “Region” as the form is only applicable for Pasay residents. —*[I initially intended to get a copy only for Alyana. Click pwd-id-application-form to read the rest of my notes on this matter]

For more details on how to apply for PWD ID, please click apply-fo-pwd-id-card

To view the film meant for PWDs entitled A BLIND ARCHITECT — The Vision of Non-Handicapping Environment, a docu that also tells about the Philippine Accessibility Law, please click below:



  1. Life is difficult. What a lot of healthy and able bodied people don’t realize is that handicapped people suffer the same trials; death of loved one, loss of job, pain of a breakup, but they suffer through those trials with the additional pain and hardship of disability. Thanks for fighting for this.

  2. Thank you for being compassionate to the people I am advocating for…What you said are all true! Fortunately these recent years, persons with disability are bonding together and though slow, they are becoming more empowered to fight for their rights..

  3. Disability is not understood by millions of people. Our lives are not easy!

  4. I agree to that! Majority are insensitive to your needs not until perhaps they themselves get disabled for some reason, or someone in the family has disability problem. The reason why the documentaries I make for PWDs are mainly for awareness of their condition. My hope is that knowledge and understanding would follow so that our people would be more welcoming in our society. I started making advocacy films because of my grandniece with autism.

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