oap_goat-w-mini-n-manoy21Except for my last film show (SO) in Dumaguete City last November 18, 2008, I have managed to always drop by for a day or two in Siquijor Island to take some rest at Olang Arts Park owned by one of the “Four Seasons,” environmentalist Minnie Solomon-Crouse. The park is managed by her partner-in-life Manoy Cielo Lumacad, a musician from Lazi. I first met them at then UP Film Center when Minnie enrolled as one of our film workshoppers.



A treehouse with my name tagged on it serve as a come-on for me to return to the beautiful, clean, little island of Siquijor whenever I get the chance–as when I had film showings of Alyana in Silliman University. Made out of recycled materials from the construction of building structures in Olang Arts Park, it is the coziest and one of the most visited areas in the park.

Manoy was the treehouse “architect.” Oh! you should see Manoy’s bass music instrument invention! Only in the Philippines perhaps! I have seen him in the process of working on it—from a mere wood plank to its final form.

Cielo Lumacad playing the bass instrument he invented while jamming with octogenarian Rodrigo Manubat whom we fundly call Papa Dy

Cielo Lumacad playing the bass instrument he invented while jamming with octogenarian Rodrigo Manubat whom we fondly call Papa Dy



Manay Minnie’s Olang Arts Park when fully developed promises to be a wonderful haven for artists not only from Siquijor Is. but from Dumaguete City, Iloilo and other neighboring provinces in the Central Visayas. Wonderful  nature sights to see, wondrous rural and rustic sounds to hear, fresh fruits to pick and eat, wild flowers and birds to enjoy watching— in a very quiet place to wallow in—very much away from the hustle-bustle of noisy Metro-Manila cities. They actually refresh my tired mind and fatigued body. With the help of some photos that I took, remembering of fond memories enlivens my soul. They can be found in the sub-page “Beauty in the Extraordinary Ordinary” (as inspired by one of the reflections in the book “Soul Retreats for Women” gifted to me by a very good and unassuming friend, Maan Macaoay).

Click below to view part of the program during the first major activity at Olang Arts Park, an Artist’s Convention where artists from Siquijor Is. and the neighboring provinces gathered. Footages shot by Ian [sorry, but I forgot his surname].



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