SAVE THE RIZAL MEMORIAL SPORTS COMPLEX [2017] – Protest rally of Advocates for Heritage Preservation and PAMANLAHI, February 11, 2017 [4mins, 48 sec]

WHEN ANGELS WALK FOR AUTISM, Abridged Edition / 2015. The original length was 2 1/2 hours.

APOLINARIO MABINI: THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC [Docu on Mabini music scored by Thristan Mendoza, a person with autism, largely participated in by members of the Silent Step, an All-Deaf performing group from DLS-CSB SDEAS] / 2015

ALYANA [Film on Autism] / 2006

SILENT ODYSSEY [Film on Deaf Filipinos – Their History, Language and Culture] / 2008

A BLIND ARCHITECT  [Film on Non-Handicapping Environment in the Philippines] / 2009

A MI PATRIA / INANG-BAYAN [5 Selected Poems of Rizal in 4 Languages: Filipino Sign Language, English, Filipino, Spanish] / 2012

MI ULTIMO ADIOS / MY LAST FAREWELL [Sesquicentennial Edition of Dr. Jose Rizal’s Last Poem Interpreted for the First Time after more than 100 years in Filipino Sign Language] / 2011

PWD INDIGNATION RALLY [Short Coverage of the Rally July 2010]

KIDS THREE21 [Docu on Down Syndrome made for Yeye Dominguez]


“WHEN ANGELS WALK FOR AUTISM” [Evolution of Autism Society Philippines Angels Walk from 2000 – 2015, and their pillars of Advocacy]


CASTILLEJOS ZAMBALES MAYOR ANGELO [political campaign material for my grandnephew re-elected Mayor Jose Angelo Dominguez]

NICK JOAQUIN’S LAST ENTRY TO AND EXIT FROM CAFE ORFEO [A vignette: National Artist Nick Joaquin’s last visit to Ms. Virginia R. Moreno’s house, formerly Cafe Orfeo located in Malvar St., Malate]

Trailer of Tikoy Aguiluz’s Film [I did not edit the trailer. I edited the full movie of the Director’s Cut]:


[Note: I edited largely all the films of Producer-Director Tikoy Aguiluz, like BAGONG BAYANI-OCW, RIZAL SA DAPITAN, SEGURISTA, RIZAL SA DAPITAN, BOATMAN, FR. BALWEG Documentary, XXX.COM or WEBDIVA,  TATARIN, etc.]

Below is RIZAL SA DAPITAN / 1997

TATARIN / 2001

TATARINSTRESSFUL X [Short film directed by Nerissa Picadizo]


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