BenCab Museum Garden

These are some of the photos that were taken in Baguio, miles away from Manila, all of them exterior shots. I shall be adding the photos that I shot of bulol figures and some paintings on exhibit later. They are easily accessible in their website anyway. Click this: ?page_id=3.

For now, have a feel of its surroundings.

Not the Museum, but BenCab's House we were told. Shot from the Museum's vantage point

BenCab Museum in the background, Janus experimenting with her new camera baptized "Sabel"

The strawberry field being replanted due to Typhoon Peping's wrath

Close up of strawberry flower; no strawberry to find at all after the storm

Wild flowers up close

Let me shift my focus and take a closer look. Aren't they beautiful?

These flowers are usually taken for granted when sprawling all over the place... isolated and seen up close, they are to me Nature's wonder just the same.

Water falling down the stream soothes my ear. Sounds cool and refreshing.

The low clouds make me feel closer to God. But that's Janus by the way, not me.

Langaw na taga-Baguio

May peacock din...

...at fossilized tree from China

A place BenCab Museum site won't be without it feels to me...

The above are photos from my personal album. Visit BenCab’s website to know what they officially offer: bencabmuseum.org



  1. wow. it’s just so spectacular. i want to hug mr. bencab for creating such an eden.

  2. great blog!

  3. bencab museum was great. when i made my first comment, i haven’t been there yet. i’ve just seen the pictures online. but i was there just right after typhoon juan and my oh my the place was an eden in the sky. it wasn’t like the edward-bella rendezvous but it was amazing in a sense that no one would not like the place. if you want to be reunited with nature and you want to clear your minds from the bustling noise of the city go to bencab museum. the people there were also nice and were not strict on taking pictures except that you have to disable your cam’s flash.
    i am promoting bencab museum because it’s not just one hell of a great place but it’s also a product of a filipino’s brilliant concepts on art and life.
    good job maestro ben cabrera.

  4. Felt the same way too. Though on your first visit here in my site, you already commented that Bencab Museum is “spectacular,” being there is still different from just looking at the pictures, right? The place has to be experienced…it can lift you up, in some moments, quite literally. Truly, there’s that “heavenly” feeling. When one visits there, he/she should go with the intention of spending time to really go around to “feel” and “experience” the place… and not just drop there to merely look at it. But well, I think it will still depend on the person who’ll visit the place. A sensitive, rather spiritual but not necessarily a religious person, and someone with aesthetic sense and innate love for Nature and beauty will more likely to love and enjoy the place to the fullest. Through your reaction, I could feel your excitement seeping through. Indeed, you are one of those “sensitive” people who managed to fully use the five senses there — seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting coffee at Cafe Sabel??? Hope you did!

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