Accessibility Law (BP 344)

The short docu that I made for Asia Pacific Center on Disability, UAP, NCDA and JICA touches on the non-implementation and partial implementation of the Philippine Accessibility Law which makes life difficult for persons with disability. Entitled “A Blind Architect—The Vision of a Non-Handicapping Environment,” it features Architect Jaime Silva with Architect Armand Eustaquio of the United Architects of the Philippines. [To view the film, please click below]

To read the Philippine Accessibility Law (Batas Pambansa Bilang 344) and its Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations, pls. click below




(Source: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)

For more information please contact: InFocus Programme on Skills, Knowledge and Employability
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Telephone: +41 22 799-7512
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e-mail: ifpskills@ilo.org

To watch Filipino PWDs reactions to BP344 and the Magna Carta for the Disabled, please watch the video below:



  1. i want to know what is the bp 344

  2. BP 344 stands for BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 344. It is an act to enhance the mobility of disabled persons by requiring certain buildings, institutions, establishments and public utilities to install facilities and other devices. To know more about it, please click the page titled “Accessibility Law (BP 344) located on the right column.

  3. i want to know whatis the bp344

  4. exaples of accessibility law (BP 344)

  5. Just please read BP344 itself. You will find everything that you want about it.

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  8. Your Article about Accessibility Law (BP 344) Advocacine’s Blog Really superb visual appeal on this website , I’d value it 10 10.

  9. Pwd’s welfare is one of my advocacies

  10. The advocates are increasing in number…Good luck to you! Mabuhay ka!

  11. Here in bacolod City, I can enumerate a lot of both private and public buildings inaccessible to persons on wheelchair like me. The hall of JUSTICE, Gaisano City whose elevator had not been operating for more than 2 years now. The provincial capitol building, Plaza Mart, and so many others. If you could come here in Bacolod, I would gladly go around the city with you so we can evaluate how accessible and PWD friendly the City is.

  12. Yes! There are still lots who are not respecting BP344 – either because of ignorance or simply, lack of political will in governance. Will contact you if ever I’ll have a chance to visit Bacolod. By the way, I have a brother-in-law who hailed from Miag-ao with a surname like yours – Nillos. Good morning!

  13. Thanks very much for your response. My Grandfather is from Miag ao. we have lots of relatives there.

  14. Then surely you are relatives. I’ve visited Miag-ao twice in the past. And enjoyed it there! Hoping to meet you in the future!

  15. That’s good to hear. See ya.

  16. it’s good to have case studies like this. i have shared this to my students and it is indeed helpful. they developed respect to the disabled and have recognized their needs.

  17. Yes! it is quite important for everybody in fact to be aware of this law. Thank you for sharing it to your students.

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