Magic Hour in San Julian, Eastern Samar

Here are the shots that I took during the “golden hour” between 6am – 6:45am at Jose Rizal St. in San Julian, Eastern Samar…moments captured before leaving the town that was just starting to wake up. I just used my video cam’s photo shot option with 3.1 megapixels.







In the foreground is the house of my Deaf friend, Ma. Gilda Quintua who brought me to San Julian to show "Silent Odyssey," my film on Deaf Filipinos where she is featured as one of the accomplished Deaf in the country


JRizal_San Julian2



The photo below of Antonio Pomarca, President of San Julian Differently-Abled Persons Association was shot before the film screenings the day before the shots above were taken.

Copy of PWD Pres_SJ2, Samar

For more photos, click sos-journey-to-eastern-samar



  1. this little town, my town & yours too.. different emotions are stirred … thanks for these

  2. “my town & yours too..” Well,that’s true. I felt at home right away with your kabayans…spent very little time there but i did enjoy every moment of my stay in San Julian. I have more shots…but all of them are just stored in my brain now…

  3. maganda mga ugali ng mga tao diyan

  4. Tama ho kayo. Saka lahat nang namit ko mabait.

  5. your website is like an encyclopaedia for me, thanks.

  6. Lovely photos. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Thank you of your blog, it helps what is San julian

  8. I missed & love this place because I was born here, & I am thinking of solutions of poverty, typhoon, corruption, every typhoon occurred houses are damage people try to start again, this place needs help to learn to use of Modern technology so that when typhoon occurred again just nothing happen. Their are lots of places & countries all over the world which often visited by typhoon or cyclone but they understood to deal of calamities. San Julian or entire Samar should used Agriculture that is suitable for typhoon. I wish the educated people in this place will helps together.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog site!

  10. San Julian is quite far but i enjoyed the journey to your place. A lovable and quiet place. Met lots of nice people over there. Yes! I do hope that they develop the place to help alleviate poverty and better the lives of its people. Will pray with you!

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