About Me

Primarily, I am a film editor [Rizal sa Dapitan, Segurista, Bagong Bayani OCW, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story-Director’s Cut]. But I also consider myself a researcher.

I highly use the visual medium, a powerful tool to advocate for special children in particular, and persons with disability in general. I make personal video documentaries on my journey into their world. Making films to help erase myths and/or break society’s attitudinal barriers towards them by providing only the truth and the right information about their plight and conditions is my goal. It has become a personal crusade, an activity that started when I made a film on my grandniece, Alyana, a child with autism.

Recently, my interest has branched out to historical subjects — our heroes — which I produce for inclusive education purposes. I have just finished “PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon,” the Filipino-narrated version of “The Sublime Paralytic.” It is a bio-pic on Apolinario Mabini, icon of PWDs. Music scorer is a twice exceptional person with autism who graduated from the U.P. College of Music. Deaf students who are members of the SILENT STEPS, playgroup of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies interpreted for the first time Mabini’s El Verdadero Decalogo which was written in 1898.

In between advocacy film making and showings, I am into photography and blogging activities, appreciating to the fullest the photos and blogs of fellow WordPress bloggers.

MM with Dennis Balan [Deaf videographer]

Working with Dennis Balan, Deaf videographer

This blogsite is my journal. Welcome to my world!



  1. Hi,

    You may look at my WordPress. I planned to reunite with my Deaf wife in Cagayan de Oro. She, as a Treasurer of Deaf Association of Misamis Oriental (DAMOR) can led you to leaders of Deaf community in Northern Mindanao.

    I came across after googling to your wordpress.

    All the best, D. Richard Carlson

  2. Hi Ms. Mirana! I just dropped by to say Hi and Congrats for all your good work and achievements. God bless your good heart and may you tirelessly continue your advocacy.

  3. Hello Mirana!
    Congratulations on your beautiful,informative, passionate, and compassionate website! I admire your passion to really help in the public awareness and understanding of people with handicap and disabilities through your film shows. Your passion shines through and because of that I am also getting interested in knowing more about special people in our world…and how I can also be of help to them. More power to you and may God bless you always.

  4. Hi Mirana! God bless you for investing your humanity to a worthy cause… passionately advocating the welfare of the differently abled persons! Thank you for ALYANA…and for making me cry twice ( you know what I mean ) hehehe! Keep it up ! Tagum City loves YOU!

  5. Hi Ms Mirana,
    I have not seen Alyana nor the Silent Odyssey only the excerpts,but I want to thank you and I really appreciate what you are doing for the people with special needs in the Phillippines.The families and the children with special needs faces a lot of problems and challenges everyday.They need special education, training and more guidance compared to others.Making the public aware of their plights help them to be understood and not be ostracized or isolated as they go out and interact with other people in the community.You are a “heaven sent”.May God bless you as you continue your mission and I hope to see your films one day.

  6. Hi Ma’am Mirs!

    Looks great! I hope to see you before I leave. Nways, in case you’re too busy for that, let me know when you’ll be visiting Davao. Thankies for everything. Learned a lot from you :). A sincere wish for a successful research and filming on CP. Be blessed po. Will make one like this only if I have something to post also hehe. You know, advocacies. Bye, mwuah

  7. Hello Mirana!
    Happy to find your website.

  8. Kumusta na??? Tikoy and I are planning to meet Aling Barang hopefully this coming Friday, April 24…her birthday, remember?

  9. Hello ate mirana…

    it’s nice to talk to you again…pahingi po ako ng mga pics natin sa shoot…hehe…and i’m working out the details for the film showing this november…

  10. Hi Ms Medina,

    How may we contact you? We’d like to ask for permission to use some materials in your blog for a short AVP on Nick Joaquin.


  11. Hi. I’d like to thank you for your effort. I discovered this blog through Google as I was searching for BP344. I think I’ll regularly visit this site from now.

  12. Thank you very much for your post! Very interested in your opinion.

  13. Hi there! I just recently discovered your blog as I was looking for info on the Autism Angels Walk. I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing such great work advocating for persons with disabilities. I wish there were more people in our country like you!

  14. Thank you for dropping by! For sure, there are other people advocating for PWDs. I believe we are increasing in number…

  15. I appreciate your follow of my blog, and admire your passion and hard work. I wish you good luck and success!

  16. Thank you so much! I really find your photos, especially your experimentations on colors and effects wonderful!

  17. Thank you for the kind words! πŸ™‚

  18. Hi Ma’am! Would you know where I could buy a copy of Dr. Isagani Medina’s Cavite Before the Revolution? Thank you!

  19. Hi Tedd!
    It was reprinted by the U.P. Press. Try contacting them…

  20. This is an amazing project you have started!

  21. Most Important thing is I quite enjoy what I am doing, and being with people I am making them for. Working with them is extra special!

  22. Thanks for following OMBH! I do hope you find a smile or two when you visit! πŸ˜‰

  23. I do…

  24. Hi MIrana! I came across your article for SDEAS’s Bridges and was
    impressed. How do I contact you for our magazine on independent films? It’s called BG Showbiz Plus, and I’m editor-in-chief. I want to feature your indie films for a cause.
    Thanks and God bless! Maridol (maridol.bismark@gmail.com)

  25. I’ve just written an article for a supplemental magazine to one of my films to be shown this coming Aug 25 at the UPFilm Center, you just might be interested to read it. Will email to you my contact details.

  26. Magandang araw po. I am Weng Miranda , a student at DLSU Dasmarinas . I am blown away by your work .

    Ma’am – I’m doing research on deaf blindness and I’m hoping you can share leads on who can I contact to gather local perspectives on this disability . Thank you . I wish you much success in all your worthy endeavors .

  27. Hi Weng!

    I haven’t met any deaf-blind as yet so I can’t give you direct leads on who to contact re the matter. Why don’t you go to the Philippine School for the Deaf and the Philippine National School for the Blind? They are both located in Pasay City near the City Hall. Let those places be your starting point! The principals in both schools are nice. I am sure they will help you in your research. I think there’s a Deaf-blind student at PNSB now.

  28. Thank you po. Much appreciated .

  29. Hi Mirana! It’s Cristi Canlas again! I wanted to send you a picture from 1982. May I have your email please? Just called Aling Barang for her birthday, late, pero I was able to get her, and it was good to get kwentos. I enjoyed your picture with her and Ernie, and Cynthia. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š

  30. Hi Cristi, sige! pls send the pic to miranamedina@gmail.com. Lost everything nang masunog house namin. VRM celebrated her bday last April 22. Kami lang ni Placid from UPFC nandun. Kuya Romy Vitug was there.. Di mauubusan ng kwento yun! She is I have learned only last night — preparing for the celebration of Nick Joaquin’s bday… Regards!

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