Can You Tell Me the Name of This Flower, Please!

April 6, 2012

I wanted to buy flowers in Quiapo yesterday but since there was no LRT in operation, I landed in Libertad Market where I found this bunch of flowers. My first time to see them among the usual yellow chysanthemum flowers and red roses. I couldn't identify them but I loved the color , look and design. The kitten's name by the way is Miming. I call her Pusing though.

Our white cat [with yellow eyes”]is named Oliver. Both Pusing and Oliver just decided to stay with us! Both are lovable though the small one nags a lot — but plays a lot too!

Against the gumamela plant, it can pass as a variety, what d'you think?



  1. Ate Mirans, ang tawag dito ay YURI. Isang uri ng lily.
    May tanim akong ganito. Kaya lang ang bulaklak ay puti. Ang natural na yuri ay may bango at namumulaklak sa buwan ng Mayo. Makikita sila sa gilid ng mga bundok. Ang mga nabibili sa Mla siguro ay galing sa green house.

  2. Hi Rey!!
    Salamat sa info! YURI??? Pati pangalan kakaiba. Saan nag-originate?? Research ko nga mamya… Hapi Easter!

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