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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance_Love & Friendship

September 21, 2014

Show us what endurance means to you. Is it that high-school diploma, beads of sweat earned on a long run, a treasured family heirloom, or something else entirely?

I see and appreciate the concept of endurance in something more than the antiquated objects and artifacts that I keep…

Advoc_Endurance_Dog-Cat Friendship2

Oliver and Pitz. Love and Friendship endure as they grow up. Oliver the Cat is quiet patient and kind to Pitz, our half Jap Spitz-Askal dog. When irritated by playful Pitz, Oliver just walks away. I have never seen them fight in the nearly three years that they are together.

Advoc_Endurance_Mother n Child

The Enduring Picture of Mother’s Love and Protection for Her Child. They are stray cats Pitz always fight with probably feeling his territory has been invaded.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Oval World Through My Eyes

June 23, 2013

Wic n Oliver
Oftentimes, I focus my lens on my loved ones — and that means my son and pets. They are part of my immediate world. I click “moments” I know may not be repeated as when I saw Oliver, our loveable white cat taking a nap on the arm of my sleeping son. Either I was sleepy when I took this photo, or I was so excited and much in a hurry to take the shot — the reason why I got a blurred photograph. Nevertheless, I loved it and the oval elements that dominated the picture composition [see the photo below].

Wic n Oliver_b&w


Portraits of Pitz, Askal-Jap Spitz Puppy and Oliver, the “Pusakal”

November 30, 2012

First CANON Shots_Pitz2a

First CANON Shots_Pitz3

First CANON Shots_Pitz

First CANON Shots_Pitz4

These are the very, first shots that I took after buying Canon D600 last month — the portraits of Pitz, our Japanese Spitz / askal puppy, and his serious “Uncle” Oliver, a “pusakal” [stray cat] we adopted long before we got Pitz from Cartimar. It was quite a challenge to follow focus on their faces. I am very happy with the outcome anyway…got their moods!

1st Canon 600D shot


Peace and Serenity

October 16, 2012

I caught Oliver sleeping one morning over a pile of old books which are being readied for dispatch to a school library and museum.At night, he usually stays out, looking for a mate I guess, and returns at dawn. He looked very tired here but at the same time, how I wished I could sleep like him: uncaring of the noisy surroundings, looking peaceful and enjoying a complete rest after his night wanderings. The light from the window that were reflected on his white fur heightened the serenity of the mood.
With reports on high rates of city residents suffering from depression these days, and seeing some of my best friends afflicted by it, life seems more colorful, light and really carefree if we were a bird or could simply live like Oliver. For, who wouldn’t have envious moments seeing him enjoy good sleep, peace and calmness that we need and seek in this rat-race world?

On second thought, what could Oliver be thinking when he watches us in our many moods???


Can You Tell Me the Name of This Flower, Please!

April 6, 2012

I wanted to buy flowers in Quiapo yesterday but since there was no LRT in operation, I landed in Libertad Market where I found this bunch of flowers. My first time to see them among the usual yellow chysanthemum flowers and red roses. I couldn't identify them but I loved the color , look and design. The kitten's name by the way is Miming. I call her Pusing though.

Our white cat [with yellow eyes”]is named Oliver. Both Pusing and Oliver just decided to stay with us! Both are lovable though the small one nags a lot — but plays a lot too!

Against the gumamela plant, it can pass as a variety, what d'you think?


More on Oliver the Cat

September 24, 2011

We thought we lost Oliver, the white cat with yellow eyes. That cat just appeared in our house from nowhere. When it “disappeared” about a few days back, we all felt really bad. In a short time, the cat made his presence felt for being makulit and malambing. It has weird ways of sleeping on top of the computer when we are working, and jumping at our lap or tummy asking to be cuddled. When it suddenly appeared again, we were surprised. All windows were closed, no cat’s meow heard and lo! I saw it sitting outside my room looking very sad. I knew it was sick. Oliver must be having fever, his temp was high. I picked him up and bragged about his return. But he didn’t want to be cuddled. He wanted to be put down. I saw him walking towards my room again and when later I looked for him, and called for him, again, he was nowhere to be found. There wasn’t the usual meow that answered to the call. He was quiet. The cat must have been so ill, it could not even create little sound. Manang found Oliver sleeping on the books in a shelf just outside my door. At least, as from today, Oliver seemed well, wagging his tail a little, responding to the call. He started to sit on our lap, and allowed us to cuddle him. He became thin in a few days. Again, as I have previously written, I felt Oliver saved me from sickness that could have nailed me to the bed. Otherwise, I would not have enjoyed my day today with Wic and Mic, and I would not have able to shoot in Calamba, Laguna yesterday the A Filipinas and Canto de Maria Clara version in Filipino Sign Language.