Maria Cristina Falls Decades Ago

I took the chance of visiting Ma. Cristina Falls in Iligan City in Mindanao when Alyana was scheduled for a three-day marathon screenings in several nursing schools there. With our hosts, I, with then Autism Society Philippines Pres. Dang Koe, E.O Ranil Sorongon, and  Treasurer Evelyn Go went there…The huge falls overwhelmed and marveled me of course, but the old photos of Ma. Cristina Falls before it was harnessed and the early years after its construction got my attention as well. They were exhibited in a small room where visitors could have a full view of the falls. The photos may not be easily accessible so I am sharing them with you.

Maria Cristina Falls Powerplant Site

I love this photo in particular. I could not identify it but it was evocative of some images that I have seen from Neo-realist films, especially of the Italians, and Kurowasa's as well.


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