National Seminar on Special Education

March 17, 2012

3rd and last day of the National Seminar-Workshop on Sped Education held in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan and attended by delegates from all regions where ALYANA was shown

I managed to reach Urdaneta City University in time for the showing of my docu on autism, Alyana – supposedly at 2 pm yesterday; it was their closing activity. There was a delay though as I’ve requested the school authorities to transfer the screen because of the light directly falling on what they have readied for the film showing. Direct light on screen totally diminishes the impact of any film screening. The film contains a lot of information that I am sure would add up to their store of knowledge so it was important to that the film be properly viewed. Team work was evident among the staff of the organizing group led by their able president, Dr. Elizabeth Montero [Giselle long lost relative mo?]. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo with her and the other guests. The guy I asked to click for me was like a Christmas tree with the cameras hanging from one of his arms, he forgot to take a snap for me. Anyhow, I finally met Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Mary Ann Prudencio, one of the speakers in the seminar. She was my text mate four or five years ago, the first to show interest in screening Alyana in Region I. She was I think the only Dev Ped at that time. Ilan na kaya sila ngayon? [Note: All over the Philippines, there are only less than 50 Dev Ped!] We exchanged emails about possible screenings but they never materialized; we never met until yesterday though the film was shown twice at Mariano Memorial State Univ in La Union which were both initiated by Ms. Divina Naoe of the Sped Education Dept. Alyana screening sked always conflicted with her clinic sked. Yesterday was her first time to view the docu. If I am not mistaken, Dr. Alexis Reyes was her Professor.

With Dr. Mary Ann Prudencio, Developmental Pedia of Region I; the first to show interest in showing Alyana in Region I

With members of the organizing committee from Urdaneta City University and Rainbow Institute of Special Education- Ruth, May, etal; Peng So of Autism Society Philippines, Dr. Ferdilizah Garcia of UP College of Manila, guest speakers. The photo was taken minutes before our group left the university.

Picture-picture with some UCU students

Again, I would like to thank the organizers of the Seminar: Urdaneta City University, RISE, Deped and Autism Society Philippines for allowing me to share the knowledge that I myself got about autism through Alyana docu.


  1. Great blog, Mirana! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your talent. It is nice to have finally met you after all these years. I pray for your success and good health. Take care.

  2. Thanks Dr. Mary Ann! Hoping to see you again soon – for an interview with you on the CP docu…

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  4. Where can i watch the full lenght docu? thanks

  5. Where are you from? You may organize a film screening in your area.

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