UZIserong KUTing Inspects UCU Cert

April 10, 2012

Pusing or Miming, Ang Uziserong Kuting

The night I brought home from the National Seminar on Sped Education a certificate awarded by the Urdaneta City University in Pangasinan, Pusing, our new, ever-uzi kuting started “checking” it out. Kinutkot na… Ha!Ha!

[Click to read my earlier post national-seminar-workshop-on-special-education]

[August 4, 2012 Note: Pusing sadly passed away last June…(To watch Pusing when still alive click the URL below. I uploaded it when Pusing was already dead, Pusing Exercising his Paws

A white puppy we christened “Pitz” replaced Pusing. Oliver, our white cat is still with us luckily. This time, si Pitz ang makulit. Laging binubully si Oliver. Hindi naman sya pinapatulan kasi nga childish si Pitz. ]



  1. nakakatuwa po ‘yung pusa n’yo 🙂

  2. Makulit lang…

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