PITZ_Our Loveable Puppy

October 2, 2012

Since I am home most of the time these days, I have more time to watch Pitz, our intelligent and loveable sixth-month old puppy. Said to be a “Japanese Spitz askal” because of his abnormally big ears, he has been with us since July. He has added life in the house since then because he can easily be trained, playful and always lively. Of what he has learned from the usual “Sit down”, “Appear !”, “Up”, “Walk!”, “Come here,” “Jump!” directions, what I like the most is that I can order him to wake my son up each morning to ready for work, and can order him to fetch our “tsinelas”. He also waits for directions before grabbing his food — either he hears the word “Go!” or I tap his head before he moves. He also knows when we are leaving him for work; he doesn’t follow us when we go out; he just sits still and watches until we close the door. He would then go to the window to have a last peek at us. There are moments when I want to go back because his expression would be that of sadness. Pitz wants to be cuddled and is always jealous of Oliver, our white cat. In relation to Oliver, he was also trained not to take the food of Oliver while the cat is eating; he has to wait until he finishes before he can eat Oliver’s left-over food.

I caught Pitz in photos during rare moments when he wasn’t hyperactive.



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