Minnie’s Mini Xhibit_2012 Womens’ Month

March 18, 2012

With friends old and new: [standing l-r ]: William and Nonoy of the UP Film Center, MM, Imee Gines of Blessing’s and ISKO, Minnie Crouse; Anna on the extreme right and Belen next to her”

I was 15 mins late – had to finish the edit of Project Speak Right’s Modules 2-10 – but I watched the bulk of the film screened by friend Minnie Crouse at the UP Film Center Videotheque last Tuesday, March 13 in celebration of the Women’s month. The film which features Minnie is quite sleek… very good as a TV feature.  Saw familiar footages from my film “When the Spirit Soars” in the film…Met old and new friends…

She dreams of a film about her life. By now, quite a number have been made about her. But many more will be done for sure because she has so many things to do; more of her fruitful life are yet to be written, and filmed. She is by the way, a PWD — with cancer of the bones, low vision left eye…but she continues to inspire many so-called abled individuals. Mabuhay ka Manay!

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