Assumption College San Lorenzo Screened Alyana

September 15, 2011

Yesterday, September 14, Wednesday, Assumption College located in San Lorenzo, Makati City held a special screening of Alyana, my docu on autism, to a small group of Education students. Cathy Genovia of Autism Society Philippines (ASP), my assistant in the production of Project Rizal represented me. As always, she reported that some of those in the audience cried and laughed with the docu participants. Even Cathy who have seen the film more than once cried again she said.

I have been working on Kingpin Asiong, and since I am catching our targeted deadline of finishing the 100-minute version of Tikoy’s film today, I have to spend my time on it — nearly daily working overnight especially this week. I could not be physically present to introduce my docu in Assumption, our SOP whenever Alyana is shown. When first cut, the film turned out to be nearly two and a half hours long. It’s a challenge to cut it down to 1 hr and 40 mins. Unfortunately, full sequences have to be edited out. Even beautifully shot materials have to go…there’s a need to be brutal about selecting on which sequence to part with. Tonight, will be my last overnight work on it — for this week at least. Am leaving for the Visayas with ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe for the showing of Alyana, and her lecture on autism this weekend. We often go as a team as part of Autism awareness campaign of ASP.


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