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Filipino Autism Advocate Awarded First ASEAN Prize

November 15, 2018

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 14) — A Filipina was awarded the first ever ASEAN Prize Tuesday for her work in improving the lives of people with autism.

Erlinda Uy Koe received the award from Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore during the opening ceremonies of the 33rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit.

Koe is the former chairperson of the ASEAN Autism Network and Chair Emeritus of the Autism Society Philippines (ASP).

She received a trophy as well as a $20,000 cash prize.

A statement from Koe posted on APS’s Facebook page said, “This is a welcome blessing. For the inaugural ASEAN Prize to be awarded to a family autism advocacy shows how far the ASEAN Community has embraced inclusion for persons with autism and other special needs. I pray that this recognition will help organizations like the ASP and other members of ASEAN Autism Network to connect with policy makers and push for institutional mechanisms that will help improve the lives of those living in the autism spectrum.”

ASEAN lauded Koe for her “leadership and tireless efforts in contributing to an inclusive and people-oriented, people-centred ASEAN Community.”

Malacañang also extended its congratulations.

“The Palace wishes to congratulate Ms. Erlinda Uy Koe of the ASEAN Society Philippines and the ASEAN Autism Network (AAN) for winning the ASEAN Prize 2018 and bringing tremendous pride and great honor to the country,” said Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo.

The ASEAN Prize “is to recognise inspiring achievements and inspiring contributions of an individual or organization, inter alia, to the building of a rules-based, people-oriented, people-centred ASEAN Community, and intra ASEAN collaborative efforts”according to the ASEAN website.



Join 13,000 Angel-Advocates Amplify the Message of Autism Awareness

January 16, 2016

WALK WITH US! The one-week National Autism Consciousness Week kicks off tomorrow with the holding nationally of the 2016 Angels Walk for Autism event. In Metro-Manila, it will be held at SM ARENA, Mall of Asia in Pasay City starting at 7 am!

Photo Collage WAWA.jpgKnow when, why and how it started. Dang Uy Koe will tell us. Learn the Pakpak Cute dance from Donna Lim. Listen to ASP Pres.Mona Magno Veluz as she shares the pillars of ASP advocacy, and the inspiring words of NCDA Executive Director Carmen Zubiaga. Look back by watching my abridged edition of the 2015 walk coverage entitled “When the Angels Walk for Autism!” [15 mins]. Be amazed by the talents of PWA’s in singing and dancing!! Get awed seeing thousands of angel-advocates walk for autism.


Autism Advocates Make Their Mark in Recent National and International Awards

October 16, 2015

[This is a repost dated October 1, 2015 from Autism Society Philippines website.]

Autism is an “invisible disability” which is slowly coming to the fore, as advocates continue their active participation in the civil society community. This is apparent in how visible our humble community has been recognized for their involvement and contribution to the cause.

Apolinario Mabini Presidential Awards 2015

The Apolinario Mabini Presidential Awards 2015 were given at the Heroes Hall of Malacanan Palace on 29 September 2015. The ASP contingent was led by ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe, National President Mona Magno-Veluz and National Trustees Jan Pena, Grace Adviento, Gina Bermudo and Helen Cheng.

w team ASP

[L-R]: Grace Adviento, Helen Cheng, MM, Mona Veluz, Gina Bermudo, Dang Koe, Jan Peña

The ASP, two years after our win as the Most Outstanding PWD Organization at the Gawad Gat Apolinario Mabini, was part of this year’s screening committee. Jan Pena, ASP’s immediate past president, served on the committee that helped refine the selection of candidates, before they were forwarded to the panel of judges.


Mirana Medina, the compassionate heart and creative mind behind “Alyana” (a documentary on her grandniece with autism), won the Gawad Gat Apolinario Mabini Media Advocate of the Year honors for her work on a film on deaf. On the same day, Mirana also bagged the second place honors for the under 60-minute category at the We Care Film Festival in India, for her documentary on Down Syndrome.

Unilab Foundation bagged a special award as a PWD Employer, for its work on Project Inclusion and for inspiring hiring of PWAs, such as Vico Cham. Incidentally, Vico, a gifted young artist on the spectrum, also received a special award as a PWD Advocate.

The City of Dasmarinas won the PWD-Friendly LGU honors; while the municipality of Carmona claimed a special award as a PWD-Friendly LGU — after having taken home the Apo Award multiple times in the past.

Jollibee Family Values Awards 2015

The Pena Family — Daddy Al, Mommy Jan, Kids Thea, Muneer and Milli — of ASP Dasmarinas, after weeks of screening, deliberations and interviews, were among the top recipients of the Jollibee Family Values Awards last 24 September 2015 at the Philippine International Convention Center. Jan Pena and her family, who have fueled the growth of autism advocacy in Cavite, were among the six Filipino families selected by an esteemed panel of judges, composed of Senator Bam Aquino, Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares, Congresswoman Leni Robredo, Professor Winnie Monsod, Ms. Boots Anson-Rodrigo, Ms. Audrey Tan-Zubiri, News Anchor Edric Mendoza and Ms. Ma. Isabel Dionisio.

[Click the link above to read the full article].


Great Coincidence!!!

September 30, 2015

That’s what I can say… when both awarding ceremonies — for the same reason, and the same cause, that is, for my film works focusing on Persons with Disability were held on the same day [yesterday, September 29] at the same time [1.30 pm in Manila; 11 am in India] but in two different places [Manila and New Delhi]. I was accompanied by my niece Even Dominguez.

WE CARE-Malacanang2

The Apolinario Mabini 2015 Media Advocate Award of the Year was in recognition of the films that I made on Deafness, principally the promotion of the use of Filipino Sign Language in respect of Deaf Linguistic Human Rights; also my docu on Autism. On the other hand, the award given by We Care Film Festival in India was for the docu on Down Syndrome. The former was held at Malacañang Palace in Manila and the trophy was handed by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III; the latter was held at Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication in Dwarka, New Delhi and the award was handed by Festival Director Satish Kapoor to my best friend forever in India, Dipti Bhalla Verma.

SDEAS group1

My group from DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies: Hearing Interpreters Febe Sevilla and Jun Sevilla, Raphy Domingo [Deaf leader], Myra Medrana [Deaf choreographer] and Leo Sulse [Deaf Faculty].

ASP group1

With the Board of Trustees of Autism Society Philippines including ASP current President Mona Veluz, former ASP President Jan Peña and Chair Emeritus Dang Koe.

Note: I earlier thought that the award given here was for the docu that I made on Apolinario Mabini, “The Sublime Paralytic.” I was wrong!!!


“When the Angels Walk for Autism” Nearly Over

September 18, 2015

“When the Angels Walk for Autism” is the working title of the abridged edition of ASP’s Autism Walk 2015 coverage. Its original length is two-and-a-half hours, and presented in linear form. As of this aw_d-walk-15time, I have cut it down to 15 minutes, my target length. But with the additional materials that I still need to add, I hope it will not reach 16 minutes. This should be over in a few days…

I have reshuffled the shots and sequences, and warped the time so to say. I got only what I find important and essential, for my purpose of course. For example, in the long, edited version, Dang Koe’s interview on the historical background of Autism Walk could only be heard one-and-a-half hours after watching the coverage. I positioned it aw_d-walk5immediately after the introductory shots for people to know the Walk’s evolution minutes after they sit down to watch it. And the end part in the actual program jumped up in the mid portion of my version to give importance and showcase the talents in singing performance of the Persons with Autism in montage form. Ahh! I am wondering until now why they had to be programmed at the end when half of the people in the filled arena were gone, including the energy of the remaining audience. Oh, well!!! Probably because Hans Sy was there, and the SM Care girls should wow their patron.

Recalling that day, I feel sad for not being able to take a single shot as my practice because I had to lend my camera to a member of the Coverage team. I felt so frustrated seeing a lot of scenes to take, but felt so helpless without a camera. [Photos here were shot in 2014].


Daily Prompt: All About Me

February 13, 2013

I never liked to blog probably because I never used to have the confidence to write. I was actually prodded to it by those who believed that I should start one in the first place.  And it was primarily because of my docu on autism that for six years had to be shown in different cities and provinces in our country for awareness campaign purposes. I was convinced that having a blogsite would lessen my load for I could just provide the link to people interested in it whenever they need the materials about the film. Moreover, it would be easier to check the screening schedules as well. But what convinced me the most was that I would be forced to write and could practice the use of the English language.

And so it was that “advocacine” was born. It is a contraction of the words “advocacy” + “cine” [Sp.meaning film] coined by Erlinda “Dang” Koe, President of Autism Society Philippines (ASP), an NGO where I belong. Since I am actually pursuing the film advocacy path centering on “special people,” I adopted the name for this blogsite which initially contained the trails my film on autism took; later, all my docus, as well as my struggles to make one; even the publication of my brother’s historical writings whose responsibility I have taken. By now, I have published four volumes of his works.

Nevertheless, this blogsite has evolved to contain on the side all my other related activities and interests, including all the word press challenges that I managed to take up. This is basically my journal, my logbook; my outlet where I spew out frustrations sometimes anger, as well as sighs of relief. This is where I am able to write my dreams, hopes and fears!!! My likes and dislikes. My testament of faith to Our Lady of Manaoag. And quite recently where I found the joy of interacting with fellow wordpress bloggers, something that I have shunned to do many months back.


Autism Walk 2013_in Photos

January 21, 2013

Thara Santiago’s Debut

November 20, 2012

JR Tan was invited to be a part of the 18 Roses Dance during Thara Santiago’s dream debut. The following is a part of JR’s account on his memorable experience:

“This is my first time to witness a party where understanding a disability was promoted. Not everyone understands that people with autism also belong to the society and should be treated equally…

Click to see JR and Thara’s photo: 8197639855

I am so happy to learn that her family and relatives are very supportive of her dreams, not only in the present, but for the years to come. People with autism, like Thara and me, can transcend the so called “limitations”. We just need to focus our energies on our God-given abilities and not let anyone look down on us. We should not shelter children with autism or put them in a place that will isolate them from society. We all need hope, understanding and assurance to develop skills needed in life to the best of our potentials.”

[For the full article, click to read ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe’s report from the ASP website, Thara’s Debut]


TEACCH Method Seminar in Davao City_September 15

September 13, 2012

The Independent Living Learning Centre-Davao and ASP Davao invite you to a Seminar on Structured Teaching at Home and in School {TEACCH Method] on Saturday, September 15 from 9 am-12nn at Davao Doctor’s College Auditorium. Speaker is Dang Koe, TEACCH practitioner and Chair Emeritus of Autism Society Philippines.

Registration is only P500 with snacks and certificate of attendance. Group rates for students, etc. apply. Discounted rates too for ASP active members. Please call Ms. Ann Angeles ILLC Davao Principal at Tel. 2821407 or Cel 09173078754. Or, Ms. Rina Gulanes at Cel. 09173083973.

Please do not miss to attend the seminar! Dang is such an engaging speaker, you’ll be kept awake from beginning to end. It must be in Palawan when I attended the TEACCH method seminar that she conducted while waiting for the sked of Alyana after her talk. We’ve been together in some ASP activities outside Manila as part of autism awareness campaign. Her personal experience in adopting the method makes it extra special and different from probably any other speakers who’d “lecture” instead of share their knowledge on structured teaching for persons with autism.

The info was texted to me by Jane Gonzales, the ever-energetic soul behind the meaningful and worthwhile forums, seminars and other activities for families of PWAs. I’m sure the seminar will be as usual – successful!! More power to you all!


ALYANA Screened by ASP Tacloban Chapter

November 12, 2011
I read this report by FIRIE ESPERAS of ASP Tacloban Chapter just now [11:57 pm] via ASP website via ASAP News, the online publication of Autism Society Philippine. (
Autism Society Philippines Tacloban Chapter screened “Alyana, A Study of Autism in the Philippines”. The audience was composed of parents of children with autism and other disabilities, students, health workers, teachers, and ordinary citizens. The movie illustrated the various facets of autism across the spectrum, and gave the audience a deeper appreciation of the disability.
Participants of the said seminar

It also served as a culmination of to the seminar held in the morning of the same day, with Miss Erlinda “Dang” Koe, ASP Chair Emeritus as the Resource Speaker. It reinforced the lessons of the morning’s lecture.

In attendance was the producer-director of the documentary, Mirana Medina, herself a grand-aunt to Alyana, an adolescent with autism, from whom the film was named after.
The screening was followed by an open forum where the audience could field questions regarding the film. Mirana Medina, producer-director of ” Alyana”, Dang Koe, Resource Speaker of the Seminar; and ASP Tacloban Chapter President, Dr. Geraldine Abuyabor, composed the panel who answered the queries from the audience.
Mirana Medina (3rd from left), Dang Koe (2nd from right) with Tacloban Chapter headed by President Geraldine Abuyabor (4th from left)

The screening last September 17, 2011, was made possible by the support of the City Government of Tacloban, and the Leyte Normal University.

Proceeds from the screening will be used for the Free Assessment and Evaluation of Children with Special Needs in Tacloban City by a team of Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist on November 20- 21, 2011 [and the post-production expenses of A mi Patria, a film Anthology of Rizal’s poetry in film interpreted in Filipino Sign Language for Deaf Filipinos and the Blind as well. Spoken versions will be done for the Blind – italics mine-MM].