Apolinario Mabini Hindi Kilala ng mga Kabataan

September 28, 2015

Tonight, Thristan Mendoza, music scorer of my docu “Apolinario Mabini: The Sublime Paralytic” sent me the link to a news report re interview with Epi Quizon who acted as Mabini in “Heneral Luna.” It is really sad how the youth of today either do not know who Mabini was or know so little about him. Problem in educational curriculum?

My wish is to have our film shown to as many people for them to know who Mabini really was and what the cause of his paralysis was. Our film on Mabini was actually shown before Heneral Luna was released. The main difference of course is the fact that ours is a small, documentary film made largely for Deaf access and PWDs. However, it is also meant for all Filipinos, including the hearing audience. Historian Paul Dumol found the interpretation of El Verdadero Decalogo touching. I already incorporated some of his comments to the final copy.


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