Silent Odyssey During SDEAS Deaf Fest?

November 3, 2011

When I went to CSB’s SDEAS, Giselle [Montero] told me about the plan to show SO in the coming 2011 Fest…but I am also planning to soft launch the FSL version of A MI PATRIA [To My Motherland] – my collection of Rizal’s 5 poems interpreted in sign language during the same fest. SO was produced for over a year from mid-2006-2008. It is about my journey into Deaf world. The production of A MI.. started in February 2011 [and is targeted to finish by next month] but the idea germinated about a couple of years back. Old and new to be shown??? Let’s see!

By the way, “Patria” literally means ‘father.’ But when we refer to our country, we say Inang-Bayan. So I’ll stick to it. Afterall, it sounds million times better than saying “Tatang-Bayan.” LOL! Though of course,’ Fatherland’ is common and does not sound funny as the Filipino equivalent.

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