Rizal Poems in FSL_Finishing Line

November 7, 2011

I have been busy in putting all five poems together with introduction written by Janus Victoria, and interpreted by Febe Sevilla. At this time, I am nearing the finish line in the making of “A mi Patria,” the collection of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems interpreted in Filipino Sign Language for Deaf Filipinos. The film totals nearly 50 mins. I’ll just have to add a few more photos; find the right codec [or maybe the frame rate compatible to my pc] so that the Flowers of Heidelberg poem shot in HD [needs format conversion] can fit in with the rest of the materials; have the subtitles put, and meet Diego, the musician today to give the working copy. I met them yesterday but avi format was taking a lot time to be transferred to the laptop so we just decided to convert it to lower res mat first. By tomorrow or day after, the layin of the sound effects will have to get started… Showing is sked next week!!

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