“A Small Victory BUT An Important One”

November 3, 2011

Indeed! Rey Ventura’s name finally credited as lyricist of La Paloma arranged and performed by Ely Buendia in the new, and must be the third and fourth version of 2011 Kingpin Asiong film is “a small victory but an important one,” as Rey said.

Yesterday, I saw that new trailer with English subtitles, with better resolution uploaded by Maylyn Villalon, film’s line producer. But today, as I was about to link to the site, I couldn’t find it anymore!!! Bakit??? Kasi naman, I was looking for Kingpin Asiong Salonga.. No! it is titled “MANILA KINGPIN MTV”. Here it is:

At least Scenema Concept was prompt and fair on the aspect of recognizing writer Rey! Kudos to you! But I do hope that you’ll do the same thing in other aspects when you produce some other big projects in the future.


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