The Importance of Pre-Production

August 16, 2011

Pre-production is one of the major phases in making a film, and which I consider as equally important as the others. Problems during the shooting stage arises when the team has not properly prepared for it. And when that happens, additional expenses or loss, in terms of time and money are the automatic outcome. That problem creates a chain reaction, such as unreadiness reflected on the type of coverages done during the shoot — which comes in form of continuity problem, lack of coverages, hurried production design, poor script, and the like.

Knowing that, I am trying to do my best to be as ready as possible for my coming shoot in August and September — continuation of the Filipino Sign Language interpretation of Rizal’s poems, and the English version which will be participated in by our consultant, Vim Nadera from the UP Institute of Creative Writing; our music scorer, Roselle Pineda from the UP Arts Studies Dept; and friends Belen Calingacion, Chair of UP Speech Comm and Theater Arts Dept. with Janet Pinzon from the same department.

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