UP Lantern Parade 2011

December 17, 2011

UNEXPECTED MEETS YESTERDAY. Went to UP supposedly to meet Vim Nadera at the Institute of Creative Writing office at 5pm but met Mr. Rio Alma instead who was also waiting for Vim.  While waiting for Vim, I took some shots at Bulwagang Rizal where an exhibit on Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero are displayed. I then continued to enjoy watching the lantern parade then on-going. [Will post some photos later]. I met Anton Juan who at least recognized me too. He used to frequent the UP Film Center because of Ms. Virginia Moreno, then our center director. I also met Egay, now EGHAI Roxas he said standing in front of FC also watching the parade pass by. Finally, Vim sent a message an hour past our meeting time saying that he got caught in the traffic at SLEX. I proceeded to ISKO at Dilimall to meet Minnie Crouse who called me up day before yesterday to say that she just arrived from Siquijor Island. We decided to eat at the new Rodic’sl. Sitting in a corner as we looked for seats was  Sheila Red who said she’s to meet her son who was at the parade. I later wanted to continue with my lantern parade watch but because it was difficult for Minnie to walk down the road since it was dark and she might collapse [she wasn’t feeling well earlier], it was decided that we would just go to Belen’s [Calingacion] house at Apacible where she is staying. Minnie knocked at the door while I pressed the door bell. I peeped through Belen’s window and saw someone walking towards the door. I said to Minnie: “I don’t know the girl.” Great surprise because again, an unexpected encounter! It was Alma Quinto who came with a Japanese artist friend Miho from Osaka. Belen herself who I thought was still with her group at the lantern parade was there. She was surprised to see me because I normally do not and could not attend chika sessions because of my edit works.  She is host to another Japanese named Akiyo from Tokyo. Both the Japanese girls are leaving for Japan within two days. The last surprise was the arrival of Roshan, Indian friend and former neighbor of Belen who has become a friend to us all as well. She too will leave the Philippines soon. It was a great evening…Of course, picture-picture was there. It is something we always do, to record short, happy moments of being together with friends you don’t see often but never misses them because they are just texts away. Ha!Ha!


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