Alyana Turns 18 as ASP Celebrates the 4th World Autism Awareness Day

April 2, 2011

I reached SM Skydome after 3 pm. I went to Autismusical direct from Alyana’s house after 18 roses were handed to her one after the other—by brother Ian, cousins, uncles, even lolos, and Gideon, Alyana’s orphaned cousin. [Gideon’s mother, Bangbang, my niece-cum-goddaughter died a few hours after the delivery of the baby. She never saw her newborn child…and Gideon never experienced the warmth of a mother’s embrace]. It was a very close family affair. Hence, at the height of Autism Society Philippines’ celebrations of the 4th World Autism Day [ pls click to read april-2-world-autism-awareness day.html+4th+World+Autism+Day&cd=1&hl=tl&ct=clnk&gl=ph&client=firefox-a&source=www.google.com.ph], we were also celebrating Alyana’s 18th birthday. It was in 2003 when I started producing the film Alyana; 2006 when it was finally finished and shown. Eight years had gone by! Alyana is now nearly as tall as I am…her mother said she is more responsive, and at least can say “Mama”—one of the sweetest word on earth, I believe. She must have been in Cloud 9 when she first heard that word.

Papa Boyet, the last to hand Alyana the 18th red rose about to kiss Alyana as Mama Eileen looks on

Happy Birthday Yani!!

Gideon with Papa Dick Albao

Anyway, though late at the music concert, I was just lucky to have seen Tara and the other Dream Girls of Ging Viado beautifully sang at heart and gusto. I watched also the band with Pabsky’s boy as the lead singer. And finally! TumTum Mendoza! Everybody were surprised to hear Tumtum sing..he dedicated the song to all mothers. They were all inspiring…and my going to the venue was so timely, it further confirmed an idea hatching in my mind for several months now that aims to showcase their talents. I relayed the idea to Dang Koe, emeritus chair of ASP.

This year’s ASEAN AUTISM NETWORK Theme is “ACT FOR AUTISM NOW”. It must be noted that PVI Voluenteers helped kept the atmosphere alive at Skydome up to the end of the show!!! Keep it up ‘fair hope of motherland”!!! LOL!!! Rizal’s spirit has started to haunt me from the time I started working on my current project to translate Rizal’s poems in sign language.


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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Yani! God bless you always! love from me and Dale

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