Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument / Empire State Building

April 19, 2014

Empire State Building is a monument to man’s architectural genius. The 103-storey building which opened in 1931 used to be the tallest in the US. Currently, it is “the fourth-tallest completed skyscraper in the United States (after the One World Trade Center, the Willis Tower and Trump International Hotel and Tower, both in Chicago.” [Wikipedia]. It was drizzling when we went there but tourists flocked to it despite the not-so-good weather. I guess not visiting it would make the journey to NY incomplete that’s why our hosts brought us to the Observatory Deck on the 86th floor.

Empire State Bldg_Ext3

The grandeur of the Empire State Building located in Midway Manhattan, New York City. [View from the ground level]

Empire State Bldg_Int

The view upon entering the building

Empire State Bldg_Int_CS

Closer shot of the wall

Empire State Bldg_Int_V

Turn around and against the light, this is what you’d see.

Empire State Bldg_Top

“Look at the Empire State Building spire!!!” Umm! Nothing really spectacular-looking, isn’t it? But it was more the fun of going up the Observatory Deck with close relatives that made the experience memorable…and of course, marveling while queueing and waiting for our turn at man’s architectural attempt to try to get near to “heaven” !!! LOL!

View fr Empire State Bldg

View from the Observatory Deck



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