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Gen. Miguel Malvar_147th Birth Anniversary Celebrations_2012

September 23, 2012

Kapag hindi bumagyo bukas, nasa Batangas ako! Nag-imbita kasi si Zarah Escueta, nun pa! Sya ngayon ang curator ng Malvar Historical Museum. Aktuali, di pa sya nakakalipat nang Malvar Museum, nasa Rizal Shrine-Fort Santiago pa sya naka-assign ay nag-iimbita na sya. Kasama na dun ang pag imbitang gumawa ng isang dokyu tungkol kay MM. Uy! pareho kami ng initials.

Sa totoo lang, maski di ko pa namimit si Zarah, gusto ko na magpunta doon nun pa. Alam ko na si Malvar ang huling sumuko sa mga Amerikano nung panahon ng himagsikan laban sa kanila. Para sa akin, mahalaga sya bilang isa sa ating mga magigiting na bayani.

Left Photo: Miguel Malvar before joining the Revolution; Miguel Malvar, the General, his most popular and known photo

Invitation to the 147th Birth Anniversary of Gen. Miguel Malvar

Here’s Zarah’s invitation to you all —

In celebration of the 147th year of Gen. Miguel Malvar’ birth anniversary, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines will launch a weeklong activity entitled Gen. Miguel Malvar:

“The Leadership of a Hero” on September 24 then will be followed by a series of activities until September 27 which is the culminating event and celebration of his birth. The activity is a project of NHCP together with the Municipality of Sto. Tomas, Batangas. May we invite you to the said activities?  Please see the attached program [See the invitation above] for your reference and contact us for more details. We look forward to your acceptance of this invitation.”

So, tomorrow, first day of the 147th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Gen. Malvar,  I’ll be off to Sto. Tomas, Batangas… basta walang bagyo, inuulit ko!! Mahirap na mastranded kasi. [Click to see journey-to-malvar-historical-landmark-and-museum-in-batangas]


Samahang Layb_A mi Fotos in UPLB

September 1, 2012

Foto with Samahang Layb, Organizer of A mi Patria Screening. Giselle Montero [4th fr R, 3rd row; Myra Medrana and Lynn Cappal [6th and 5th from R, 2nd row], Dennis Balan and Aldrin Gabriel [1st row].  Salamat sa nyo!!

Lynn Cappal [Deaf] one of A mi Patria performers led the National Anthem. Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf] – Interpreter of A Filipinas and Ultimo Adios – FSL, Filipino and English versions, together with Mackie Calbay, PFD youth leader and Febe Sevilla [interpreter] came late. Umabot ba naman ng Calauan!!!

My personal invitees: Zarah Escueta, then Curator of Rizal Shrine, now of Malvar Historical Institute in Sto. Tomas, Batangas; her friend; my niece Angel Medina, UPLB Comm Arts student and Dr. Joseph Masangkay, UPLB Vet Med Prof. all attended.

The Audience. Ano kaya naramdaman nila sa panonood ng interpretasyon ng mga tula ni Rizal sa FSL?

Magandang Gabi sa inyong lahat! Giselle interpreted for me. Try hard naman ako mag FSL kahit papaano

Alin, alin ang naiba? Day after the Show in front of Umali Hall —


A MI PATRIA’s Next Destination: UP Los Baños-Aug 24

August 21, 2012

This coming Friday, A MI PATRIA is scheduled to screen at 7 pm, August 24 at D.L. Umali Hall in UP Los Baños, Laguna where the ASP sponsored screening of my docu on autism, ALYANA was held last year.

Unfortunately, Aldrin Gabriel can’t join us; Jorelle Faytaren is coming with us but I don’t know as of this moment if Rome Mallari could join us too. All three did the Filipino Sign Language interpretation of Rizal’s poems. All FSL interpreters are Deaf.

The showing is part of UPLB’s WISIK activity this week. Got in touch with artist-friend Alma Quinto who is scheduled to hold an art workshop there. Unfortunately, she is scheduled on August 26; we leave UP on the 25th.

Zarah Escueta, former curator of Rizal Shrine-Intramuros, now curator of Malvar Historical Museum in Batangas confirmed yesterday that she is going to watch A mi… She has to! I don’t think that  she would be able to escape Dr. Rizal that easily after many years of managing Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago. Anyway, I promised her that I would look for materials on Gen. Malvar from the library of my brother [Malvar’s centennial year is 2013]. Good to my promise, I got up early morning at 3 to find some. Syempre meron. Having worked on the publication of  Ilang talata nang Paghihimagsik nang 1896-1897, I knew that there would be some notes on Malvar.

For inquiries on the showing in UPLB, contact details are on the poster below.


The Legacy Lives on with Jose Rizal’s Descendants

January 25, 2012
From the Curator’s Notes, Zarah Escueta of the Rizal Shrine Fort Santiago, December 30, 2011:
A very successful launching of the first- ever translation of Ultimo Adios in Filipino Sign Language yesterday [Dec. 29].  Thanks to our guests who graced the occasion, DepED, neighbors in IA, NHCP family, Rizal Descendants, our speakers; Director De Larrazabal of De La Salle- CSB, Mr. Raffy [Raphy] Domingo of the Deaf Community, Prof. Vim Nadera, Poet of UP Diliman and Atty. Ramoncita Reyes a descendant of Saturnina Rizal- Hidalgo sister of Jose Rizal and most of all the woman behind this event,MS. MIRANA MEDINA an independent advocacy film maker who edited the controversial Director’s Cut of Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, a Tikoy Aguiluz film.

Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, descendant of Saturnina Rizal, receives gift from Arch. Veronica Dado of NHCP; Curator Zarah Escueta on the extreme right

This success is dedicated to the legacy of our national hero, his descendants who continuously enrich the hearts and minds of the Filipino people through their endeavors in life be they a lawyer, a doctor, a writer or an artist; they surely give honor to their forefather who gave them honor first.  It is truly a legacy that lives on through Jose Rizal’s descendants and uninterruptedly advocating through his last literary work, Ultimo Adios. [legacy-lives-onwith-jose-rizals.html


What Keeps Me Going

January 3, 2012

Positive responses to the work I have done encourages me to continue my advocacy for the marginalized individuals. This morning, I received this note from the Curator of the Rizal Shrine, Zarah Escueta. ULTIMO ADIOS interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf] was officially launched at the Rizal Shrine on December 29, and shown whole day in Fort Santiago on December 30.

The curator noted:

a photo of the couple who watched the Ultimo Adios in FSL last
December 30 at the AVR of Fort Santiago and the note they wrote:

We were deeply impressed by the presentation of the film of “Huling
Paalam”.  Very Touching and full of memories of the greatness of the
last moments of this national hero.  Congratulations to the Commission
and the most of “presentors” of the film.

B.M. Villarias, P.S.

They were from US on a vacation for the the holiday.  They were teary
eyed while talking to me about the film, so touched.


I forwarded the above to Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, a Rizal descendant who was one of our speakers during the film’s launching last December 29, 2011 at the Rizal Shrine. She says:

Congrats! I think when things are done from the heart, it will shine through and touch people.



Mi Ultimo Adios in FSL is the 132nd Translation of the Poem

December 8, 2011

I misheard Rizal Shrine Curator, Zarah Escueta when we met during the NHCP meeting a few weeks ago. Mi Ultimo Adios in Filipino Sign Language is the 132nd  NOT 123rd translation of the poem. I stumbled upon her blogsite – the Curator’s Note, and saw it there. Today she sent me a copy of her proposal mentioning the same thing. SO! pang 132 na ang FSL Version mula 1897 nang unang isalin sa Tagalog ni Andres Bonifacio ang tula na sinulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal sa wikang Kastila.


A mi Patria / To My Motherland _ English Version Ready for Subtitling in Spanish

December 5, 2011

A mi…ENGLISH Version is ready for subtitling in Spanish. Only the OBB and CBB are to be attached. All the while I was thinking that the subtitles will be in Filipino. I got confused. The Spanish version will be the one that will have the Filipino language as caption. I suggested to Zarah Escueta what I was musing at yesterday — the launching of FSL-FILIPINO with ENGLISH subtitle version. It’s the version with Vim Nadera as poem reader of Huling Paalam – Andres Bonifacio version.


Mi Ultimo Adios_Chinese Version

November 28, 2011

Just sent to the Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival a copy of Mi Ultimo Adios, Zarah Escueta, Rizal Shrine Curator gave me last Friday. It was written in 1986 by Tian Huay O. Tan, and DEDICATED TO PEOPLE WHO CHERISH FREEDOM. The official notification from Vice-Chairperson Xavier Tam that Mi Ultimo Adios-FSL version was chosen to take part in the HKIDFF was happily received by all our Deaf friends, especially the staff of our production crew. They will be putting Chinese subtitles on the copy for the Chinese audience.

Mi Ultimo Adios-FSL version Production Staff Members Surround Mi Ultimo Adios Encased in Glass

The Group Pose in the Room Where Ultimo Adios is Displayed on the 2nd Floor of the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago, Intramuros. Deaf Rizal Aldrin in the middle. This is the very spot where we hope to officially launch Mi Ultimo Adios as part of Rizal Day Celebrations this coming December 2011.

To watch the trailer, here’s the URL: or click the link on the right column under Pages


Ultimo Adios in FSL to Show in Fort Santiago???

November 20, 2011

I do hope so! That our film, Mi Ultimo Adios shows at the place where Dr. Jose Rizal wrote it as tomorrow I am going to meet with the curator of the Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago, Ms.  Zarah Escueta. I first met her before shooting Ultimo Adios in FSL at the Fort in May 2011; I met her again during the NHCP meeting last Friday, November 11 before my presentation of the film that was largely shot in Fort Santiago. We are going to discuss about the possible showing of the film on December 30 itself, Rizal Day, the most appropriate day for screening Ultimo Adios. Besides, the significance of the film maybe considered — as we can claim that our translation in sign language is the latest, if not, one of the latest translation / interpretation, or the first visual translation of Rizal’s best known poem.

Today? Well, I’ll most probably work on inserting more images for A mi Patria’s intro [the collection of five poems that include Mi Ultimo Adios]. I shall layin and study the music scored by JM Diego as we are going to have a session tomorrow night to finalize the music with Roselle Pineda.