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My “Slow-Paced” Film ULTIMO ADIOS in FSL Screens in HongKong February 24

December 25, 2011

Xavier Tam of HongKong International Deaf Film Festival informed us yesterday of the schedule of ULTIMO ADIOS in Filipino Sign Language [the 132nd and latest translation of Ultimo since 1897]. It is according to him scheduled to follow the Opening Ceremony of the HKIDFF2 on February 24, 2012 at HongKong Arts Centre, Wan Chai. With DLS-CSB SDEAS friends, we are planning to attend the fest. My film is intrinsically slow, so I want to invite all those who are making a lot of fuzz on the “slow-paced cutting” of Tikoy’s Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, the commercial film feature and his come-back film that I edited. (To watch Ultimo trailer, click watch?v=wqnhlunLwH0])


Mi Ultimo Adios_Chinese Version

November 28, 2011

Just sent to the Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival a copy of Mi Ultimo Adios, Zarah Escueta, Rizal Shrine Curator gave me last Friday. It was written in 1986 by Tian Huay O. Tan, and DEDICATED TO PEOPLE WHO CHERISH FREEDOM. The official notification from Vice-Chairperson Xavier Tam that Mi Ultimo Adios-FSL version was chosen to take part in the HKIDFF was happily received by all our Deaf friends, especially the staff of our production crew. They will be putting Chinese subtitles on the copy for the Chinese audience.

Mi Ultimo Adios-FSL version Production Staff Members Surround Mi Ultimo Adios Encased in Glass

The Group Pose in the Room Where Ultimo Adios is Displayed on the 2nd Floor of the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago, Intramuros. Deaf Rizal Aldrin in the middle. This is the very spot where we hope to officially launch Mi Ultimo Adios as part of Rizal Day Celebrations this coming December 2011.

To watch the trailer, here’s the URL: or click the link on the right column under Pages


Mi Ultimo Adios / FSL Version_Official Selection_2nd Hongkong International Deaf Film Festival

November 22, 2011

Tonight, I received an email from Xavier Tam, Vice-Chairperson (Hearing) of the Organizing Committee of the Second Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival informing me that the committee “has chosen your film ‘Mi Ultimo Adios’ as the official selection of the Second Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival.” Incidentally, a plan to show Mi Ultimo Adios_Filipino Sign Language version on December 30 at the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago as part of the celebration of 2011 Rizal Day is currently underway.

2nd Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival