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Daily Prompt: Proud

February 16, 2013

DP: When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

Three weeks ago, that was when I unexpectedly received an email from my friend Marie Antoinette whom we call Spring Blossoms for being bubbly, happy and bouncy as can be perceived from her tone:

“Yehey! go go go, Mirana, go go Silent Odyssey;-) thanks for making us proud of you! happy 2013! cheers cheers!”

She’s a friend I lost touch with for over a year or so. In fact up to now, I do not know her exact whereabouts. We had no exchange of communication until she finally got in touch again a few weeks back. She said she went to Australia…and was recently back in the country —Where exactly???  Maybe down South in her home town Davao. Maybe in Coron, Palawan Island, a place she loves a lot. Or up North in Ilocos to tend to a sick friend… Maybe… I just know that one day she will pop in when least expected just as she always does.

Silent OAnyway, whenever good news are there, I never fail to update or inform her. the latest being the acceptance of my docu SILENT ODYSSEY in the 3rd HongKong International Deaf Film Festival which is going to be held next week at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. She had seen the film as she was present when I premiered it in our country. The docu is about my journey into the Deaf World, a film long enough to be considered the first feature-length film on Deaf Filipino history, culture, language issues and education; my advocacy film that calls for Deaf’s acceptance and inclusion in our society and respect for their rights and their person.


Peace and Serenity

October 16, 2012

I caught Oliver sleeping one morning over a pile of old books which are being readied for dispatch to a school library and museum.At night, he usually stays out, looking for a mate I guess, and returns at dawn. He looked very tired here but at the same time, how I wished I could sleep like him: uncaring of the noisy surroundings, looking peaceful and enjoying a complete rest after his night wanderings. The light from the window that were reflected on his white fur heightened the serenity of the mood.
With reports on high rates of city residents suffering from depression these days, and seeing some of my best friends afflicted by it, life seems more colorful, light and really carefree if we were a bird or could simply live like Oliver. For, who wouldn’t have envious moments seeing him enjoy good sleep, peace and calmness that we need and seek in this rat-race world?

On second thought, what could Oliver be thinking when he watches us in our many moods???