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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above the Flower Top

May 4, 2013

Seen from above, ordinary flowers offer wonders in geometrical and color designs. Keenly studying them, if not, merely looking at them awes and provides appreciation to sensitive eyes.



White Chrysanthemum

Sa tabi2

Yuri and Oliver

Not exactly on top but slightly on a higher angle, Oliver’s leg appears distorted


Daily Prompt: Why do I blog

April 17, 2013

Honestly, I was just prodded into blogging by friends who believed that my film advocacy activity should be recorded and blog about, and to easily track down the movement of my film docu going around the country for awareness campaign of Autism Society Philippines. It took me a year or two before I was finally convinced that I should start blogging. Actually, what held me back was simply lack of confidence in writing using a language I am not used to speak.

Overcoming the writing fear, I started blogging to have a journal or a record of my film activities. It soon became a habit difficult to break, and the content evolved to include my woes, fears, hopes, my joy… My blog soon included historical notes during a travel, and photos that I took in my journey. Realizing that writing often help improve my skill, more so gain confidence from it, I continued to blog …. With the writing and photo challenges WordPress pose to the circle, I have more reason to pursue the blogging activity… Making cyber friends in the process, enjoying reading and wallowing into their experiences, and seeing their perspectives through the photos they share are bonuses I never actually thought I’d earn as well in the beginning.


Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a [Wish] List

April 15, 2013

I surely have a list – a to-do or a wish list- which shall give me not only satisfaction if ever I manage to do any of them but JOY unexplainable…

I am referring to films on Sped Children and PWDs that I have been dreaming, wishing, praying and aiming to do:

1) The CPs [Cerebral Palsied]
3) Dyslexia
4) Down Syndrome
5) Global Delay

If GOD wills, I know I will. That I know… for everything that I want to do happens only in God’s time.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

February 5, 2013

I prefer reading the actual book for several reasons:

1)      Physiologically, I find it difficult to stay long in front of the computer reading an ebook. I get dizzy after sometime especially when the fonts used are not sans serif type or too condensed. Even if I enlarge the view, the light tires my eyes fast.

2)      The touch, texture, smell of books give a certain attachment, closeness in terms of distance to the book, and the author itself especially when it is a faved book.

3)      Access to computers. We do not live in a wifi zone where I can access quite easily to the internet, and even though we have internet connections in the house, connection would still depend on the busy-ness of the air signal. Oftentimes, I have to wait for the internet connection. A book is readily available.

4)      I can’t take the computer or the laptop with me on bed to do the reading; with a book I can read until I buzz to sleep.

5)      It is easy to flip the pages back and forth compared with the computer; markers help us out.

6)      I can take the book anywhere to read – even in the comfort room, or a dungeon with light of course.

7)      It is always romantic to think of the age when computers were not yet invented; when candles and gas lamps are the only available lights at night.

8)      There is nothing like reading a book during monsoon period — over a cup of coffee, or gingered milk tea.

There are many more reasons why I prefer paperbacks but the reasons above are what immediately came to mind. HOWEVER, ebooks, I acknowledge have their own advantages. It is just for now, my preference are paperbacks. How about you?


DP: Flawed / Dilly Dally

December 14, 2012

No one’s perfect, that I believe; and it is that imperfection that would help us reflect on the negative qualities that we have. So, to answer what my worst quality is, a list pops up which may not jibe with the best of my friend’s list though. To answer anyhow, I focus on what comes to mind first.

You see, I have “the habit of putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. In other words, I procrastinate. If not, I dilly dally. I wait for better times, so to say.”Saka na lang,” as we say in our language. I’ll do it later. Because of that, how many times have I thought of ideas to write and publish, or else make into a film but because of putting off, of waiting for something which oftentimes doesn’t really come, others come to think of the same idea – after me – the big difference being the fact that they pursue to realize what’s in their mind as soon as they thought about its novelty, uniqueness or importance. The happy thing is, I have since overcome such bad habit. Now, even if I know that I would take time to realize an idea, I start to do it, once I am convinced that it will work. I stopped dilly dallying.

However, there are other aspects in my life when dilly dallying still makes me guilty somehow… like seeing doctors. For example, I was so afraid to see a doctor for a breast check up. Breast cancer is number one killer disease of women here in our country.  I felt something was wrong on the right side of my breast. It took me a lot of time — months in fact — before I finally went to see a doctor only to find out that No! the problem was on my breast’s left side. That’s the one to be monitored. Yesterday, in a follow-up check up, I was told that the “stone / lump” under observation became smaller. I’ll have a happier Christmas with less to worry about because of that findings. Moral lesson on this matter is dilly dallying causes undue worry. Face the problem head on!! Do not be afraid of doctors, of the truth, rather.


Joy in Photography

October 17, 2012

During these recent days, I have been blogging and posting about cats and dogs, birds, flowers, fruits as well as about children, and taking up the WordPress challenge[s] to make my time at least useful, enjoyable, seemingly forgetting in the process my advocacine activities and all. That is what happens when I have no proper video cam to use so I can run after my prospective interviewees for my CP docu. I have numerous in my list by now… nevertheless, whatever I do in between are part of recharging and readying myself for the film advocacy works that I have lined up to do.

That’s my tree house on the top left photo. Various Nature shots from Olang Arts Park in Siquijor Island in the Visayas, Philippines [Photo repro from Beauty in the Xtraordinary Ordinary]

Anyway I loved looking over at my old photo files, and being reminded of moments gone by with a smile. Sharing them with others complete the feeling of joy that I experienced when I took the photos of whatever fancied my senses.