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With Down, but not out_on Kids Three 21

August 31, 2014


Scenes from “KIDS THREE 21” featuring Geneticist Carmercita Padilla and Nutritionist-Dietician Eleanor Dominguez. Except for Jeremy Lapena [2nd inset], all the children come from Zambales

I was surprised to see for the first time the online article of Ronald Lim posted last May…on facebook entitled “With Down, but not out.” I rarely check it except during these past few days when I started posting about Jojo’s death, my production assistant in the making of my sped docus starting from Silent Odyssey.

Mr. Lim writes:

For filmmaker Mirana Medina, doing a documentary on children with Down Syndrome (DS) isn’t such a far-fetched thing.

After all, Medina has already made “Alyana,” a documentary about her grandniece which has autism. Initially intended to be just a 30-minute documentary, the film grew to two and a half hours, and has been screened in schools and at international film festivals.

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