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Wheelchair—Key to Better Quality of Life for PWDs

March 6, 2011

Just how important is an adjustable wheelchair to a person with disability?? GPRehab in Dumaguete City came up with a Wheelchair Workshop after seeing the lack of low-cost and durable wheelchairs for children in the Philippines, and most importantly, to help improve the lives of PWDs.

GPRehab looks at technical equipment as a very important component in the medical and social rehabilitation process of most specially, persons with physical disabilities. These devices – wheelchairs, walkers, cruches, etc. – provide the means by which Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) become more mobile in their homes and their communities. When augmented by highly accessible and supportive community, these equipment can maximize their (PWDs) human potential and ensure them of a productive and, to a certain extent, respected life.

Recognizing this, and seeing that there is a dearth of durable low–cost and well–fitted technical equipment, specification wheelchairs for children, GPRehab decided to manufacture its own wheelchair, one that will suit the needs of its growing clientele under its CHILD project. With the idea coming from a Norwegian engineer who unselfishly shared it with one of the Foundation’s physical therapists, an adjustable wheelchair that would fit both children and adults was developed. The subsequent wheelchairs were given to physically involved children – beneficiaries of CHILD.

Thus, the wheelchair workshop was born.

Seeing that the adjustable wheelchair can answer the needs of so many other children with disabilities and can help open up opportunities for them, GPRehab through GP CHAIR SHOP has decided to market it, initially in the province of Negros Oriental. More than a fundraising undertaking, it is seen as a door opener for countless children who otherwise would have remained within the confines of their homes. It will help them go to school, play with other children, be seen in the community. In other words, it will open up a whole new world for them, a world where their rights are recognized and their potential developed when used in an environment that is fully accepting of their limitations.

For, it becomes more than a wheelchair. It becomes a key to a better quality of life. (Source: wheelchair-workshop)