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Weekly Photo Challenge: What the Sign Says2 / Traces

June 1, 2013
Rizal Marker3

There are thousands of signs everywhere in the world. To retrace and find markers or signs that would tell us where in Hong Kong our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal worked proved to be difficult. Our guide brought us to this place called D. Aguilar Street and asked us to look for the sign where his clinic once stood.¬† Well, I better point it out to you since we ourselves didn’t see it the first time we went there. Do you see that red, oval sign under the time piece in the middle of this picture?

Rizal Marker2

Now, you have a closer look of its position. How could we find it the first time we visited it when its color then was in bronze-brown, and unpolished at that. It was also smaller unlike now — bigger, better and at least with texts in red color background

Rizal Marker1

Details Written on the Marker Installed by the Hong Kong Antiquities Authority About the Philippine National Hero
Dr. Jose Rizal who Practiced Opthalmic Surgery While in Exile in 1891-1892

Rizal Marker4

How do you imagine this place to be more than 100 years ago?

Hkg Calling Card

This was the calling card used by Dr. Rizal in 1891-92. His clinic once stood in this place, while he lived at Rednaxela Terrace.

Dr. Jose Rizal  was shot to death by a firing squad when brought back to the Philippines in 1896 by the Spaniards. This year, we are going to celebrate his 152nd birth anniversary on June 19.