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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance_Love & Friendship

September 21, 2014

Show us what endurance means to you. Is it that high-school diploma, beads of sweat earned on a long run, a treasured family heirloom, or something else entirely?

I see and appreciate the concept of endurance in something more than the antiquated objects and artifacts that I keep…

Advoc_Endurance_Dog-Cat Friendship2

Oliver and Pitz. Love and Friendship endure as they grow up. Oliver the Cat is quiet patient and kind to Pitz, our half Jap Spitz-Askal dog. When irritated by playful Pitz, Oliver just walks away. I have never seen them fight in the nearly three years that they are together.

Advoc_Endurance_Mother n Child

The Enduring Picture of Mother’s Love and Protection for Her Child. They are stray cats Pitz always fight with probably feeling his territory has been invaded.