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PDigong, Our 16th President, and VPLeni’s Inaugural Speeches

July 1, 2016

Based on the two short inaugural speeches made by our newly installed President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte and Vice-President Leni Robredo, I am quite hopeful and sees a brighter future for our country’s poor. At least, the new government will refocus its agenda from one that best serve the interests of the elite and the oligarchs, to the interests of the majority of people, especially the poor. Both the new President and the Vice-President seem to genuinely care for the future of the impoverished that largely consist the Filipino population.

President Duterte delivered a short, meaningful, and straight to the point speech. What he wanted done for the country, and the people were told in more or less 15 minutes. The speech was bereft of cussing, and the usual profane words commonly heard during his campaign. Well, after all, he has to be presidential not only to the people present in Rizal Hall but to the entire world, including the UN which he rocked because of his controversial statements.

With hundreds, now thousands of drug pushers and users surrendering even before PDigong took his oath of office yesterday, June 30, the signs of the promised change largely manifests through such unexpected action by drug dependents, and criminals. He won largely because he centered his campaign on the issue of change, including primarily the wiping out of drug lords and illegal drug trades; on believing that Peace between the legitimate Muslim separatists and factions is possible, and having an inclusive society that will recognize even the Communists, and would give attention to the plight of displaced indigenous peoples, especially those affected by irresponsible mining activities.

It was noted that during the yesterday’s oath-taking, zero crime rate was reported in Metro-Manila, an occurrence that only holds true when boxer Manny Pacquiao competes in world championships.

[Note: Dean of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies Nicky Perez served as sign language interpreter for VP Leni. See inset]