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ULTIMO ADIOS_Multilingual, Multitract Video Version

December 15, 2011

I am preparing for the sneak preview of ULTIMO ADIOS-the Multilingual version on December 29, 2011 as the last poem written by Dr. Jose Rizal was interpreted in Filipino Sign Language by Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf]; the Andres Bonifacio translation in Filipino was read in Filipino Language by Vim Nadera; and the subtitles were in Spanish, as it was written by Dr. Jose Rizal. Simultaneously, they will play; as such, it will be in multitrack form. Yesternight, the captions have already been placed. Today, I will finalize it. It is going to be a unique copy since it will only be for presentation purpose. The official output or what I need to submit to NCCA will have English subtitles.


3 in 1 Ultimo Adios? The Multilingual Version

December 4, 2011

Just musing about the possibility of presenting on December 29 at the Rizal Shrine, not only one but three versions of Ultimo Adios  — for the Deaf, the Blind and all hearing individuals, especially students of Spanish and Rizal Course, including scholars studying Rizal’s works, and the ordinary laymen. One of my primary aims in making this project is to expose the hearing persons to the beauty of Filipino Sign Language [FSL]; and to the Dept. of Education, the existence of the natural sign language of Deaf Filipinos for them to consider the use of FSL in primary schools to benefit Deaf children. The versions are as follows: FSL Version interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel with English subtitles, FSL Version interpreted by the Silent Steps and Ultimo Adios read in Spanish language by Chair Wystan de la Peña of U.P. Department of European Languages with Filipino subtitles, and FSL version interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel, read by Vim Nadera in Filipino with English subtitles. Of the three, only the Spanish version remains to be edited…while the Filipino version is yet to be subtitled. [I must confide that I am starting to get confused with the multilingual combinations that I myself conceived. Ha!Ha!] By the way, the Silent Steps is a playgroup consisting of Deaf students from DLS-CSB Sch. of Deaf Education and Applied Studies where I studied Filipino Sign Language under the FSL Learning Program [FSLLP].