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Rewards of Patience

March 2, 2011

Sense of accomplishment. Joy. Victorious feeling. That I can still be capable of handling bigger problems head-on without fretting. Very small, and seemingly trivial problems serve as my warm-up, or part of a bigger design, or a test on how long my patience can last. And I am happy because I can gauge my capacity from simple problems that had taken away some of my precious time.

In the previous post, I wrote about the amount of time and effort that I had to spend because of negligence. With the technical problems that I encountered to make a DVD, I marveled at the patience that I had until I came to know and finally solved the problem that I faced. Seems petty but the first problem that I got was that of having a one-frame problem when I fused the sequences. [I use Pinnacle Liquid which is actually not being used anymore…but since it serves my purpose in editing, I don’t mind using it even if they consider it as something that belongs to the past or passé). I blame that familiar action of Pinnacle to virus problem because I encountered that before…and much worse than that. Because of that one frame problem, I had to rework on making another image file. Call it perfection but I did not let that one-frame problem pass. Next problem that I faced was the stoppage of the video image on the same spot after burnng [tried it twice]. Again, I made another image file which I thought was OK until I reached the last two minutes of the film. It stopped right when I was already sighing with relief because of the thought that my problem was over. I finally declared that conversion into DVD I.S.O. was my problem because the conversion into mpeg wasn’t. I switched to Nero since it was already ready for pick up. I had it repaired, and just retrieved it yesterday. I used the mpeg files created by Ulead and burned them using Nero 9. Just a few minutes ago, I finally finished what I have been trying to do since last Saturday. I feel very happy and rather triumphant at this very moment because I passed the test of my patience and determination once more. It also means I need not go elsewhere to have my project done. “Try and try until you succeed,” they say. I did try hard! And I succeeded!

Patience of a person will be tried in many different ways. My experience is a macro sample of tremendous patience that I would need in the bigger tasks that I am bound to do in the coming months when I start with my next work for the Deaf, and the Filipino students in general.