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Feature Film Script Writing

April 6, 2012

Finally! We have finished the script that we are working on. Just don’t know when the shoot will be. The title??? [Secret for now! Baka masulot pa…]. It’s story flow is more fluid than Manila Kingpin though. By the way, I am not one of the writers — just a member of the development and creative writing staff who helps in finding “holes” and story “bumps.” I work on timeline structuring and re-structuring, suggests sequence revisions when needed; at times trying hard to write.┬áMay pumasa ngang isa eh. ha!ha! Most importantly, I preedit or paper edit the film script…

With the writing done, at least I know that its edit won’t conflict with the future showings of my docus in the provinces, and the premiere of Rizal’s Poems in Filipino Sign Language titled A mi…I advocate making and using my docu films most of the time; working on feature films as editor and making avp’s on the side are my other preoccupations.