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Tikoy and his film Asiong 2011

August 29, 2011

I spent nearly 24 hours at Scenema Concept – from 8 pm Sunday to 7.30 pm, Monday working to put all their [Gov. Jeorge Estregan and Tikoy’s] corrections, adjustments, suggestions, Yukas’s and my own…of course! Their list is different from mine. Everything’s for the film’s betterment, hence the more involved persons are on the film, the better. Today was working towards the finish line — though they have yet to shoot more sequences and remnants. The film is already long. But there are important and crucial shots needed. Tikoy sat down today with us, more refreshed. It is good because he could be more objective and positive. Three reels [approx an hour long] were approved. They will be tossed to the sound department. Sherwin Castillo started synching the sound, but today I heard it would be Angie Reyes who’d work on it.

It is always good timing for me…By Wednesday, I should have put /put the missing shots and sequences. There is one particular scene with John Regala at the billiard. I am sure I have edited it because I liked the scene so much. He was so good in his acting. And there is another sequence which I believe I have already edited also — and we can’t find it. Now, I am thinking that maybe I have just edited it in my mind. He!He! After viewing any sequence, my mind’s tendency is to edit it. And since I have reviewed thousands of footage, it happens that I once in a while I do get confused.

Since they are not shooting yet, I have no conflict with my sked when I shoot the English and Filipino readers of Rizal’s poems for my Project Rizal. Am actually readying my mind for the shoot come Friday, September 2 at the UP Film Center…our “home” when Ms. Virgie Moreno, its founder [Tikoy was her co-founder] was heading it. All readers are friends who gladly nodded to participate in it.