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On Blog Stats

January 3, 2009

If I were to believe my site’s blog stats, it recorded a thousand hits on New Year’s Day ’09. I started blogging exactly two months ago in November 3 and so far, I have made a total of 19 postings, 15 approved pages, 145 tags and got some 15 comments. December 10 reflects the highest hits recorded after posting my blog “Journey to Tagum” on the previous day.

Somewhere in the dashboard it says— “Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog.” But I don’t believe that. I have observed that hits don’t count only when the blogger is logged in. But when one is logged out and you click on any of the pages, it does add to the stat. I have tried it. So bloggers reveling and claiming to have thousands of hits every so often in wordpress doesn’t really impress me. But, I believe the traffic report on my Tagum City blog. He!He! Aware of the blog stats “behavior,” I intentionally did not visit my site after informing the Tagum folks that I have uploaded my “report” on the Alyana show and my journey to Davao. Well, partly because I wanted to know more about the blog stats behavior!!! The shoot up report was surprisingly high indeed reflecting the interest that Alyana generated I assumed!

Anyhow blog stats report is the least of my priority. It is just part of getting to know wordpress. I need to learn more about what it is offering. But right now, I am happy with it. It is really blogger-friendly. For a first-time blogger like me, it gives me just the right amount of technicalities that I need to carry on with the blogging activity. But I need to tinker more on what the dashboard provides.

The hang of blogging is hitting me quite. I find it enjoyable and useful at the same time because it has made my thoughts more organized, my notes more clean, clearly written and logical. (I have 5 small notebooks beside my bed so that when an idea pops in, I can just it jot down on any of them). Now, even my dreams can be blue printed in a journal-like manner. Blogging makes me feel like a reporter at times, at other times like a monologue writer with the stream-of-consciousness type of thoughts flowing. I write freely, think aloud, let my opinion out. I am not wary and worried if I write simply, or probably wrongly when it comes to grammar, tenses, etc. I am MY reader, first and foremost anyway, so what??? But I do invite friends to drop by here to update them on my journey. If others happen to visit by coincidence, they are most welcome to “travel” with me!!! Welcome to my world!

Blogging is really blurting  or burping out of thoughts, sharing of ideas, dreams and visions like what I mentioned in my very first post.  What is common to all bloggers I guess is the sharing of one’s feelings and existence. It is talking to one’s self, a friend, a colleague, even spirits. It is definitely an outlet as much as it is an “inlet.” Only after going deeply into our subconscious that we come up with better consciousness. It is churning and digging up of memories. It is having a practice on the use of some rusty word vocabularies. It is overcoming the fear of being criticized as a “writer.” It is welcoming all that. It is revealing something of one’s self—or exposing other’s malpractices perhaps, a spitting out of venoms or maybe hurts…But for me personally, blogging is but a solid documentation, as in my films—of my wanderings and wondering thoughts, of my journeying spirit and that of my films above anything else.