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Shooting Tomorrow at the UP Film Center

September 1, 2011

I went to the UP Film Center yesterday to check the room where we are planning to shoot tomorrow. Teatro Hermogenes Ilagan at the Faculty Center is not available. The room used to be the place where the workshop was held with the German editor of Werner Herzog, Maximiliane, if I remember it correctly.  Her initials are MM like me. When she gave me her editing scissors and her gloves, I have asked her to sign it; she signed MM at it. I facilitated the workshop with Joseph Fortin at that time. It was held loooooooooong ago so much so that my remembrance of the place did not jibe with what I saw. I remember it to be a narrow room, longish, more of rectangular than the actual shape which is squarish. Inside it is the Steenbeck flatbet machine she donated. There are also film splicers, the traditional film bins, etc. Seeing them reminded me of the Film and Television Institute of India where I studied filmmaking.

I am shooting the English and Filipino versions of Rizal’s poems, to be participated in by my good friends from UP KAL.

I proceeded from UP to Scenema Concept to continue with refining Reel 4 of Asiong, and checked Yuka’s remaining notes. Tikoy joined us at 10 pm. Since I could not stay longer, I will continue with the rest of the reels later. Some problematic sound has to be located. There are no clappers to guide the sound editor. We all left at 2 a.m.