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“A mi Patria”

October 15, 2011

I have decided to title my film on the collection of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems — interpreted in Filipino Sign Language, English, Filipino and Spanish — A MI PATRIA. I got it from his book NOLI ME TANGERE, on the dedication page of the book itself. It struck me at once. I earlier thought of just titling it as FILIPINAS because the five poems I have selected are all expressive of his nationalistic sentiments. But I wasn’t that sold to using it because it is quite common. A mi Patria sounds more personal, it sounds really as RIZAL. And since all were interpreted with fervor in sign language, and read just as expressive in spoken languages, I believe the spirit of Rizal will come out and be evoked more once the music is scored. Afterall some of the Deaf interpreters said that they felt the spirit of Rizal entered their being while practicing their interpretations, especially Aldrin Gabriel who performed Ultimo Adios.