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Chungking Xpressions!

February 24, 2012

Now in Hongkong – our second day. Exact location: Canadian Hostel Room Number 4, Block E, Chungking Mansions. It’s a place full of characters – a building with a character of its own. It is located on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. I do not remember much of the film Chungking Express but this could have been one of its settings. The place has texture, a maze somewhat. They say that only Asians [Chinese excluded] and colored people live in the area: largely as I have observed it: Indians, Pakistanis, other East Asians, Southeast Asians including Filipinos and Africans. I saw a few Chinese though. I can imagine a good number of scenes for suspense settings exemplified by the place we wrongly entered. It was untidy; the corridor was narrow. The look was how they are featured as places where drug mules are brought. I wanted to fly out but the elevator was taking time. Money changing houses, retail stalls and small eateries can be found on the ground floor of the Chungking Mansions. The place quite reminds me of Recto Ave.

Entrance to Chungking Mansions - Nathan Road, HongKong

The most wonderful sight that I’ve seen here are Indian sweets being sold right opposite Block E elevator. Got nostalgic of Indian tastes familiar to me; unfortunately forgot their names. Will ask the Indian vendor when I buy before we leave on Sunday. When newly met friends are told where we checked in, they all looked anxious. In fairness, The Canadian Hostel, ironically run by Indians has small rooms, yes! But for us with small budget, the price at P1500 per head is quite reasonable. The room is fairly clean and the administrators are warm people. The ambience is quite unlike the place we first entered. We felt secured. Besides, the building is quite near, or walking distance from the Hongkong Space Museum, 1881 Heritage Museum, Hongkong Story Museum and the Ferry Boat Terminal.

Last night was a joyous occasion! We attended the Welcome Dinner sponsored by the Hongkong Association of the Deaf. Met Jenny Lam finally, another Jennie, and the rest of the members of the organizing groups. The Malaysian delegation comprised the most number of attendees. We were together on the table, ate the sumptuous cuisine at one of the oldest and most popular Chinese Restaurant here they call Lin Heung Tea House located at Wellington Road.

Can you see Giselle in front of the Restaurant?

Before that we made a courtesy call to Consul General Noel Servigon and Vice-Consul Charles Macaspac at the Consulate Office located at the United Centre Bldg. in Queensway, Admiralty. Rennie de la Cruz, Cultural Attache was of course there. She is the person I’ve been communicating with. It’s great that I met Sonia Zerrudo of Lakbay Dangal fame….[more notes later, battery low..] Today, we shall be doing Lakbay Lakad..will walk to the Hongkong Museum later.