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Work with Fun it Was! The Shooting of Rizal’s Poems with UP KAL Professors

September 4, 2011

Last Friday, September 2, from 9 a.m. to 8 pm, we worked with fun. UP KAL Professors: Marot [Maria Crisanta Nelmida] Flores , Jannette Pinzon, Roselle Pineda, Vim [Victor Emmanuel], Belen Calingacion, and of course, the same team members of Project Rizal: Dennis Balan [Deaf], Rem Vocalan, Cathy Genovia, Nelson Demetillo, Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf], Rex Flores, and Jojo Sia, my side kick quite enjoyed the day. Even the weather cooperated because there were only drizzling rain unlike the heavy rain downfall last Thursday. Syempre, ang gagaling nila! I came to know them all through my friend Belen Calingancion two or three years ago except Marot whom I met only this year. I actually met Belen more than a decade ago at the UP Film Center where I used to work before going ‘indie’. We made a home video together about the Sillimanians for their Founder’s Day about three years ago when we went to Dumaguete City on the way to Siquijor Island. We did ambush interviews then. Silliman President was interviewed as well as Jerry [wast it?] Dadap [one of the Dadap musicians for sure] who was there for a concert at the Luce Auditorium, the same place where my film on  autism, Alyana was shown to more or less 700 nursing students.  [Belen, a Sillimanian is shown with us at the photo below. She is by the way, the Chair of the UP Speech Communication and Theater Arts Dept.]

Rizal’s A FILIPINAS is the only remaining poem that I am going to shoot for the Filipino-English version. Dok Apolonio Chua has already agreed to read the poem. It is my replacement to the poem SA AKING KABATA. All four others are done: HULING PAHIMAKAS [Salin ni Andres Bonifacio], MY LAST FAREWELL [Encarnacion Alzona and Abeto] read in two versions by Vim Nadera, FLOWERS OF HEIDELBERG [Nick Joaquin] read by  Belen Calingacion, SA BULAKLAK NG HEIDELBERG [Virgilio Almario] read by Marot Flores; A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA [Nick Joaquin], SA KABATAANG FILIPINO [Virgilio Almario] read in both versions by Roselle Pineda, and SONG OF MARIA CLARA [Nick Joaquin] and AWIT NI MARIA CLARA [Guillermo Tolentino] read in two versions by Jannette Pinzon. They will be placed side by side with the Filipino Sign Language version when finalized. A third language will be captioned for the benefit of other readers or viewers.

Will try to find time to post more photos during the session