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Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment – Photography/Painting

February 11, 2013

I’d prefer to read rather than hear about learning a new skill to familiarize myself on the do’s and don’ts re the skill[s] that I want to acquire or learn, and/or about the equipment / tools that I’d need to execute/practice such skill. Then, I’d watch or ask someone to demo the processes involved before finally trying it myself: trial and error method.

Concrete example that I can cite is when I bought Canon D600. I am more familiar in using video cams. D600 has the video option but it is not the same as in the video cam I was used to. There are a lot more factors to consider which I found more complicating. Of course, photographer-friends are saying that it is quite easy to use and they are not that different. Nevertheless, before using it, and when I first used it, the manual was always with me. After reading /practicing with the cam, I have asked a TV cameraman friend to demonstrate the cam’s actual use. I took notes… With the demo, my confusion on what / when to use certain options lessened. It’s a leap from just reading about it or directly trying it myself.

But in learning the painting skill, one has to dive into it I believe — reading on how to paint, and only hearing someone describe how to acquire painting skills would just be a waste of time… you’ll end up frustrated. You may also be frustrated on what you’ll come up when you first dive to it but not trying it at all is tantamount to just passive dreaming. A demo or few points from a skilful artist helps though and may inspire you to hasten the jump into it.

But whatever skill we are learning practice, practice, practice is the key. Sign language skill is the latest that I need to practice…


Silent Shout Delegation from Malaysia_HKIDFF

March 24, 2012

Welcome Dinner last Feb 23 for the 2nd Hongkong International Deaf Festival participants largely consisting of Silent Shout delegation from Malaysia.

This is a group photo with Silent Shout members from Malaysia, and some members of the Hongkong Association of the Deaf: Lau Lai Fong, Vice-President; next to her is Mary Ng from News of Deaf. On the extreme right is Nurul Oyun Mohd Salleh [hearing], Executive Producer / Mentor of the Silent Shout members [consisting of film director participants, performers, etc].  It is only now that my work is over for the UP ISIP video project that I have started checking and classifying photos that I shot in Hongkong from Feb 23-26 when Giselle [Montero] of SDEAS and I attended the HIDFF 2012. Can you see Giselle and I sandwiched in between the Malaysian participants?

We were inspired upon seeing the bond that tie the Deaf together — sign language, irrespective of the country they represented. The most number of attendees came from Malaysia. We’ll make sure that next year, Deaf Filipino entries will be represented as much because we have a lot of Deaf latent talents here actually waiting to be tapped, get exposed, and brightly shine. It is high time to move towards having our own Deaf Film Festival. Myra [Medrana], gear up and be ready for this event!!!


Poetry in Sign Language

October 19, 2011

We are sked to shoot the remnant shots for Project Rizal tomorrow. I need a lot of shots for the introduction. The showing is nearing and we are running out time. My tasks are overlapping these days. Good that my editing work on Kingpin Asiongwas over! It is not that easy to work on Project Rizal. Sign language is totally different from the spoken language, and what I am trying to do has made me realize that direct interpreting is completely different from expressive interpretations in signs. The nature of sign language has dictated it to be so. As such, I can already see a big difference in the usual film presentations using only spoken languages. Sign language poetry has taught me new ways of presenting what would normally be just an ordinary piece of work. I feel challenged. But I am confident that I can do what I envisioned to do, and on time.

Today, I have fixed and coordinated with a lot of people involved in the project — with Vim and Therese, our consultants; with Rem re the shoot tomorrow; with Janus re the script; with George re the voice over; with Fiona re edit  with them next week on FCP;  with Myra re music for the live performance of Ultimo Adios; with Febe and Raphy re the need for Deaf students for the intro segment; with Rex re the Ultimo cure or reshoot; with Dok Apo re Sa Filipinas; with Yuka re the chroma edit; with Arlene re project update… including research work for Rizal images on the internet, places where there could be Rizal streets and monuments, preparation of the facsimile of Noli and Fili from my brother’s library, etc. etc. Above all, I have finished editing the FSL and English version of The Philippine Youth sans captions.


SO & ALYANA in Libmanan & Naga City

October 18, 2010

Quite a success! The showings of SILENT ODYSSEY and ALYANA to schoolteachers, caregivers, persons with disabilities, DSWD and LGU unit personnel of Libmanan and Naga City in Camarines Sur received positive responses when they were shown last October 14 and 15. The two-day screenings were held as part of the celebration of the Children’s Month.

(For photos taken during the said event by Naga Help Learning in Naga City, please click album.php?id=147365465306831&aid=26246)

Libmanan Deaf students perform

Libmanan-KALINGA SPED and Rehabilitation Center, Local Government Unit-Libmanan in cooperation with Help Learning Center Foundation Inc. sponsored the whole-day screening at Libmanan while The Naga City Council for the Welfare and Protection of Children, Terre des Hommes-Netherlands, Autism Society Philippines and Help Learning Center Foundations sponsored the showings at the Naga City Civic Center. Mayor Marilyn Jimenez, the municipal mayor of Libmanan gave an inspirational message to her constituents while in Naga City, it was the event’s overall head, the Executive Director of HELP Learning Center Foundation, a soft-spoken yet very energetic person, neurologist Dr. Fe Delos Reyes who welcomed and gave the audience an inspirational message.

Open Forum after the showings held at Naga Youth Center in Bicol

It was my first time in the Bicol region. I arrived at the Naga City airport located in Pili, Camarines Sur with Dang Koe, chair emeritus of the Autism Society Philippines at around 7:30 am., Thursday, Oct. 14. We were then dropped at CBD Hotel in Naga City and had breakfast with Dr. De Los Reyes and “M’am” Ester Maralit, HELP Admin Officer. I then proceeded to Libmanan, an hour-drive away from Naga City while Dang proceeded to Naga City Civic Center to hold the TEACCH seminar.

Showing of Silent Odyssey in Libmanan

Although the screening venues were not the usual and ideal rooms [not dark as I always request for when it comes to venues] as they were both open halls and therefore naturally well-lighted; and the LCD projector’s lumens of light is low, therefore brightness and contrast wasn’t there,  still resourcefulness comes in, as curtains, blackboards, manila paper and whatever can be used to darken the screen wall in a way helped solve the problem. Despite that, the audience response were very encouraging as they acknowledged how they learned and found them both enlightening. ALYANA touched the hearts as always of the viewers, while SILENT O touched their minds as they questioned a lot about sign language. They also asked for sign language books and how would regular teachers be taught formally to be able to handle their Deaf students properly. In both places, they requested and made an appeal for a seminar, or a workshop on formal sign language teaching. Mrs. Daisy Antonio of Libmanan gave assurance re their support in holding such type of workshop in cooperation with DepEd. Meanwhile, in Naga City Ms. ALma Guia Guirvela who has a Deaf husband approached me about the possibility of showing Silent O to the Deaf local community of Bicol as part of the first Deaf Awareness Day that they are planning to hold next month. A few Deaf attended the screening because not all were aware what the film is about. If that pushes through, direct target audience would be the Deaf sector.

Right now, my mission is to connect them with the Deaf community, specifically the Philippine Federation of the Deaf, Philippine Deaf Resource Center and probably DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Allied Studies where I studied sign language where my hope is high that the answer to their appeal, or should I say dream, will be realized.

I also managed to show A BLIND ARCHITECT in both places.


Take Two! Action!!!

September 12, 2009

I never liked to act. Never wanted to act, especially in a drama film. But last September 8, I did a bit role in a friend’s short indie film [my second time actually, the first acting role being in the first Deaf feature film narrative, “Empathy”/2008. That time I did it for fun and to experience how it was like to work with Deaf persons in film production].

For whatever reason Janus Victoria was intent in including me in her film DALAW [working title]. That bit role took a day off from my current work — that of preparing materials for the book publication of my brother’s writings on Filipiniana. Shooting my part took more time than it should. Well, precisely because I am not used to acting. I have always and only wanted to be behind cameras. Never ever wished to be on stage anytime when I was in school primarily because of stage fright! In fact, I used to chill in front of people. Of course, I “appeared” in some of my docus these recent years, but most of them were candidly shot so I could not say that there was any real acting involved.


”]IMGA0338I have the problem of memorizing the lines, nabubulol ako. And I keep on changing the dialogues. Good that theater and film actress, Che Ramos [lead in indie film “Mangatyanan” too] was very supportive, and Janus of course. She had to. Despite that, I wasn’t tense or nervous because the work ambiance was quite good and relaxed.I could say that learning sign language has helped me to be more at ease in “acting” because when we communicate with the Deaf, we have to “act out” to be understood. It is inherent to it since it is visual and gestural. But there is a difference between that and knowing that you are “acting”. Nevertheless, I still consider that as a factor that has helped me quite a lot to be as relaxed in the set, plus the fact perhaps that I know how to make a film anyway so I know what goes behind and in front of the camera, and familiar with some of the crew members—Iris, the production manager, who was also a “CineManila” graduate like Janus, and Walong of Scenema Concept were the other people I knew in the set. However, even if I just met everybody else for the first time I felt so much at home with all of them. Hope my bit of dalaw in the film won’t spoil it. Otherwise, Janus will curse herself for the mistake of including me in her high definition film pa naman. Ha!Ha!Ha! The next shoot is sked today. Hoping that the sun shines through in between rainy moments so that Janus gets all the shots that she needs.


The SO Trail

December 19, 2008

The last quarter of 2008 saw the take off of Silent Odyssey… Hoping that 2009 takes SO to more and more places especially to far flung areas away from Manila. The welcome reactions to the film, the spark and desire it generates on the hearing audience to learn sign language is a clear sign on just how effective it has been to some people. That SO is not meant not only for the Deaf but for the hearing audience has succeeded as one of SO’s main objectives. (Detailed notes and some photos on the 2008 Silent Odyssey trail can be found on the right column under the same heading–“The SO Trail”).