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Launch of “A mi Patria” During Deaf Fest 2011 Postponed

November 11, 2011

Yesterday, I have made a decision with Myra Medrana, Deaf choreographer and one of the main organizers of DLS-CSB SDEAS to move the launching date of my  5-in-1 film, A mi Patria [To my Motherland / Inang-Bayan] to first week of December as part of the celebration of the International Disability Day.  The anthology or omnibus film’s [5 Rizal Poems in one film] original showing sked is supposed to be next week during the CSB Deaf Fest Week 2011.  It’s because they were unable to reserve the School of Design and Arts Theater which has a bigger capacity and is really designed to show films. The CSB Auditorium where it would be shown if it pushed through has very little seating capacity and those seated at the back would have a problem getting the full view of the screen. It was designed more as a lecture room.

More than that is the lack of preparation for it. We intend to invite guests that would include descendants of Lolo Jose. We wanted a better place for a work that has taken much of our time, hearts, and minds for months.