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Gerardo de Leon’s “Shirley, My Darling”

September 13, 2014

Today marks the end of the Centennial Year of National Artist in Film Gerardo “Gerry” de Leon… as targeted I am posting the remaining materials that I have on Gerry de Leon’s films produced by Premiere Productions. “Shirley, My Darling” was released in 1958 starring then popular tandem Zaldy Zchornack and Shirley Gorospe.





Gerardo de Leon’s “Bawi’t Bunot” in Viuda de Oro

August 14, 2014

Viuda de OroViuda de Oro is a two-and-a-half hour seven-episode film produced by Premiere Productions in 1960. Its 7th episode, “Bawi’t Bunot” was written and directed by National Artist for Film Gerardo “Gerry” de Leon. Zaldy Zchornack, Shirley Gorospe, Oscar Roncal and Celia Rodriguez starred in the film. The six other directors were: Teodorico Santos, Ramon Estella, Dan Santiago, Nemesio Caravana, Cesar Gallardo and Efren Reyes.

Viuda de Oro_Bawi

Shirley Gorospe and Zaldy Zhornack in the 7th episode of Viuda de Oro

Viuda de Oro_Bawi_Synopsis


Olivia Cenizal played in the title role. Eddie del Mar, her deceased husband left a will that stipulated the giving away of money to unknown beneficiaries. Nello Nayo played the role of a lawyer.

Viuda de Oro, adapted from the DZXL radio play by Leleng Isla was sponsored by Philips’ Milk of Magnesia. It revolved on the questions: “Would you bequeath your wealth to strangers if you had no living heirs?” and “What would you do if you suddenly acquired wealth overnight?”

Ito ay bahagi nang sarili kong pag-alala sa selebrasyon ng Centennial Year ni Manong Gerry na magtatapos sa isang buwan.

For more Viuda de Oro flylets and the list of production crew members, please click below: