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Production Meeting_Ultimo AdiĆ³s

April 27, 2011

Our production meeting was held yesterday afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm at DLS-CSB School of Deaf and Applied Studies’ PEN Conference Room. Present were Raphy, Myra, Rex, Dennis, Aldrin Gabriel (the person chosen to interpret My Last Farewell in Filipino Sign Language), Febe, Jojo and I in preparation for our shooting next week at Fort Santiago and Bagumbayan now Luneta.

Production meeting at SDEAS

In the morning was our second session with Prof. Therese Bustos from 10 am to nearly 1 pm. Session with Vim [on To the Flowers of Heidelberg] without the interpreter was shown, explained and discussed by Therese to Raphy and Myra. Raphy with Myra interprets the poem.

Second Session with Therese at PEN Lab Conference Room, CSB-SDEAS. Center pic at the bottom shows me struggling to communicate with Myra using Filipino Sign Language. And I survived!!!