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1st Year College Application to DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education & Applied Studies Extended Until Feb 11

January 23, 2020


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I was Part of the Story

July 2, 2017

Last Friday, I was privileged to be invited by Giselle Montero of DLS-CSB SDEAS to  “Be Part of the Story” – a night celebrating De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s partnership and of culture-building as they aimed to collaborate and expand their story with the invitees. The event started at 6:00 and supposed to have ended at 9:00 PM on June 30, 2017 at the Axon in Green Sun, Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City. . But many came in late because of the traffic caused by the heavy rain downpour.

As such members of the Silent Steps performed without their lead choreographer Myra Medrana. They reached the venue right after the performance. I could not recognize anyone from the group I have always worked with because most of the members are new students of SDEAS. I got to meet several people from different disciplines and companies; also met old acquaintances, even a classmate in the Filipino Sign Language class 10 years ago. I got to be introduced and had a good chat with Film Director Mark Meilly about El Presidente. He teaches at CSB I was told.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde envisions building a just and humane society by fostering the spirit of inclusion and innovation. The College’s strategic direction is to initiate and sustain value-laden connections and partnerships with organizations that share in the advocacy of finding innovative and inclusive solutions to societal concerns and issues. They also acknowledge their role in society to address sustainable developmental goals through inclusive strategies, provision of experiential learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, cross-sector partnerships, and the creation of social impact that can be scaled for greater reach.

The special event hopes to continue to seize the opportunities and embrace the challenges of transforming our society into a better and more responsive community of change agents.



Enroll Now! Learn Filipino Sign Language!

January 13, 2016

Eight years ago, I studied Filipino Sign Language for one year under the Filipino Sign Language Learning Program of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies [SDEAS]. My motivation then was because I wanted to make documentaries about Deaf Filipinos. I then believed that the first step towards making films about them is to first learn their language. Thus, I immersed myself in Deaf world by learning Filipino Sign Language. I must admit though that I am not that adept at signing it up to now, BUT at least, I can “survive” when I am with them. I can communicate with them using simple signs and gestures. Nevertheless, my journey with them has not stopped. Up to now, I am working with them to make films that showcase their talents and, as always, promoting FSL everytime I make one.

For me there is no turning back. I quite enjoyed learning FSL. Try it!!! Enjoy it! Learning another language is always one’s asset. And this one is unique.. Whatever your reason is to learn it, you will not regret it.

FSL Enroll 2nd term 2016 (1)


PWD’s Outnumbered NON-PWD’s in the Making of “THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC”

August 18, 2015


Deaf talents highlighted in “The Sublime Paralytic.” It features the Silent Steps, the ALL-Deaf Performing Group of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies [SDEAS] with their interpretation of Mabini’s El Verdadero Decalogo / The True Decalogue / Ang Tunay na 10 Utos in Filipino Sign Language, choreographed by Myra Medrana [Deaf], music scored by Thristan Mendoza [Person with Autism]

More than 50 people made possible the documentary on Apolinario Mabini [1864-1903], the crippled Philippine statesman who defied American sovereignty over the Philippines at the turn of the century. Entitled THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC, it is our tribute to Mabini who is considered the icon of Persons with Disability [PWD] in the Philippines.

Notably, PWDs outnumbered non-PWDs in the film’s production as nearly 30 PWDs joined either as participants or members of the production crew. The featured artists largely consisted of Deaf students of SDEAS [SILENT STEPS]; one of the interviewees is Blind [Architect Jaime Silva]; the Mabini reader had Guillain-Barre Syndrome [Abner Manlapaz]; and the music scorer is a person with autism [Thristan “Tumtum” Mendoza].

If there is one thing this film wants to prove is the fact that Pwedeng-Pwede ang mga PWDs. They can do what we can do. Sabi nga ng mga Bingi, “Deaf Can!”

APOLINARIO MABINI: THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC Premieres on August 27, 2015 at DLS-CSB ARG Theater, 5th floor, 4 pm. For inquiries and ticket reservations, click:



August 14, 2015

CJ Patriarca’s Special Appearance in The Sublime Paralytic

Former member of the SILENT STEPS, Catherine J. Patriarca joined in the making of THE SUBLIME PARALYTIC as one of the four Filipino Sign Language interpreters in “Apolinario Mabini: The Sublime Paralytic.”

I first met her while she was still studying at DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. I was then a student of Filipino Sign Language under the FSLLP Program. I interviewed her for my film SILENT ODYSSEY, a documentary that celebrates the talents of Deaf Filipinos. A theater performer and a dancer, she also appeared in one of the five segments of A Mi Patria, the collection of five poems of Rizal interpreted in Filipino Sign Language.


Premiere Showing on August 27, 2015 at DLS-CSB ARG Theater, 5th floor, 4 pm. For ticket reservation and more information, click the following link:


Meet the Silent Steps!!! FSL Signers in Mabini’s “The True Decalogue”

April 23, 2015

The True Decalogue [El Verdadero Decalogo / Ang Tunay na 10 Utos], written more than 100 years ago in 1898 by one of our great heroes, Apolinario Mabini was interpreted in Filipino Sign Language [FSL] by the Silent Steps, an all-Deaf student playgroup of DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies [SDEAS]. It is aimed at showing the talents of Deaf performers, promote FSL, expose the hearing audience to the beauty of FSL as a visual language, and to give the viewers — both Deaf and hearing — information and knowledge about one of the most popular writings of Mabini. The hero wrote it for our revolutionary leaders to serve as their guiding principles. He believed that a person’s “internal revolution” is important to the success of the country’s “external” revolution.

Deca 1

Gess Michael Abrenica Jr.

Deca 2

Lorhen Sumili

Deca 3

Ryan C. Revilleza and Bryan Santos with reader Abner Manlapaz

Deca 4

Marvin Pagtalunan

Deca 5

Alissa Salinas and Dinah Fe Jason

Deca 6

Brion King Lasutaz

Deca 7

Mark Joseph Albert

Deca 8

Nicole Mae Magpayo

Deca 9

Charlotte Punzalan

Deca 10

Mary Rose Gozon

Their performance was filmed as one of the highlights in the 50-minute biographical docu on Mabini entitled The Sublime Paralytic / Pule: Utak ng Rebolusyon. Myra Medrana [Deaf] choreographed the movements. Only half of the total time performed by the group is featured in the docu. Abner Manlapaz [PWD] read the Pilipino verson of the Decalogue.

The segment was shot by Dennis Balan [Deaf], Rem Vocalan, Yuka Eucasion and Mirana Medina. The film is produced by Miryad Visyon and SDEAS with the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts [NCCA]; Direction and Editing by Mirana.


Deaf Nisei Ronald Hirano in Manila to Tell the Story of his Mother Delight Rice

February 3, 2015

The Life Story of Mother Delight Rice and Her Children

Delia Delight Rice was the first teacher of the deaf in the Philippines and her story is told by one of her adopted children, who is an author, a photographer, and a deaf community leader. He is scheduled tomorrow February 4 to talk about his book on Delight Rice and to hold a Photography Workshop with Deaf students on February 5. [Please read the details below]

Hirano at CSB